One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Michael Butler | Cyclist/ Inspirational Motivator

Life and the love of Sports Money was never an option. I’m also inspired by people of different cultures. Because the more. We learn each other the better we will get along in this world my beliefs ,and my children because I believe in fate. And anything is possible and my children because they inspire me to be the best me. Read more>>

Lila Starlet | Burlesque Peformer, Underwater Performer, and Mermaid

I am inspired by various things but most of all glamour. I love the idea that glamour can be created and I love the DIY spirit behind burlesque. It’s very exciting to have an opportunity to be able to bring to life a fantasy in a glamorous way. It could be a simple idea such as being inspired by a bird and translating it into something showgirl and stage worthy with feathers and rhinestones and glitz and glam. I am inspired by the art of creation and I am driven to bring fantasy to the audience to leave them awed and dreaming. I am also inspired by Old Hollywood movies. Most impactful for me are the beautiful technicolor musicals as well as the underwater spectacles as performed by Esther Williams. Read more>>

DJ YB | International DJ, Producer & Curator

I started Djing about 8-9 years ago. My friend and I wanted to produce music; My friend suggested at that time we get equipment and practice without prior knowledge. I practiced under our basement for about one year before I started going out to network and understand the business more. I loved old skool music from Hiphop to Afrobeat right from the get-go. Especially Singers from traditional fuji singers my mom listens to and my uncle loved Bob Marley. I am very much inspired by my love for Fela since. When i started listening to him a lot, then i realization mentality dawned on me. I started to understand a lot of differences between Africa, the continent and its relation to the international world. Then I understood Fela’s music more and found my own purpose in using my position for the betterment of my own people. I quit my full time paid position after I graduated and I got into Djing heavier. Read more>>

Jade Wyatt | Master Trainer and Nutritional Coach

I am inspired by individuals that constantly fight for a better life. For those that do not let the objection or their circumstances depict their outcome and future. What inspires me the most especially are my clients. As a personal trainer, it is our job to motivate those around us and to continue to inspire those to keep grinding. It inspires me to know that the work that I do for others can potentially a life altering experience that adds more value to their life. Read more>>

Kristen Fulchi | CEO & Creative Director

Nature! It’s so beautiful and wonderful to just be outside and take everything in. From the gorgeous textures of the sunset to the lamppost flourishes to watching the way the wind interacts with things. Being outdoors, just sitting and observing, allows you to notice the small details that we so frequently miss in life. It allows you to observe the many emotions taking place simultaneously in the world around you. It grounds you and allows thoughts to stop swirling, bringing you to the present moment. Stepping outside for just an easy walk can bring through a wave of inspiration and wash away the overpowering overwhelm. Read more>>

Jackie Willock | Foreign Exchange Student-Local Coordinator & Entrepreneur

Plain and simple – I’m inspired by people who have a kind heart to give to others instead of always expecting to receive. Read more>>

Elyse Kacsandi | Music Artist

I’m inspired by everything around me; God, my family, my friends. I’m inspired by the sky, the sea, flowers & bees, I’m inspired by nature. I’m inspired by the flicker of a lit candle or an old memory. I’m inspired by a good book, and by some good oldies music. I’m inspired by everything and anything. Read more>>

Alexia Pilleris | Licensed Mental Health Counselor

My source of inspiration comes from the passion that I have about life itself; living life with freedom of expression in the forefront. I get inspired by the passion I have for helping and empowering people to be the best versions of themselves. I get inspired by people, faces, smiles. I get inspired while I’m in nature or I’m out and about doing something and a thought comes to my mind. I have a tiny journal in which I write down my thoughts. The core of my inspiration evolves around passion and the energy of excitement in everything I do. Read more>>

James Thompson | Pit Master

My Brothers BBQ is inspired by family, Love and bbq. We take pride in what we do, how we serve, and how we give back to the community. My Brother’s BBQ strives to end generational curses and we empower ourselves with building generational wealth. My Brother’s BBQ was inspired by the hope and dreams that we are all one and that we can come together and enjoy a meal no matter the race or ethnic background. Read more>>