We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Jannea Wolff | Psychotherapist & Health and Wellness Coach

As I grow in business and as a person I have actually been thinking about this a lot. This very question helps me to remember why I created Exersteem and gives me the push I need to continue to show up. I think of legacy in many ways; When I first heard that word I would think of just financial assets and how I could change the trajectory of my lineage in a financial way, and while that is still the plan it is not the only goal. Read more>>

Shannalei Henry | Therapist, Life Coach and Mentor

This question is so complex yet so simple. I want my legacy to be one of hard work. The work done in my business (In Your Corner), the work done in different ministries for my church, and through the work I want to do in my community. I want my legacy to reflect the foundation of my life, which is, my belief in God and how I learned to wait in Him when it comes to all I pray for.I want to see lives transformed through the work He does through me in my business and other endeavors. Read more>>

Gonzalo Casas de las Penas | Photographer & Content Creator

Legacy means a lot to me. I want my legacy to be the stories I help tell. I’ve photographed 1000 strangers, each one with a different legacy they plan to give, a completely different story than my own. My legacy is being able to give people a glimpse into their lives and what it means to be them. I hope that one day maybe 1000 years into the future when someone wants to learn about how life was in chaotic 2022 they’ll check out one of my interviews and understand our generation’s struggles and successes just a bit more. Read more>>

Andrea Santiago | Makeup artist, Creator

I have always been a weird girl. since I was a child, I have been fascinated with Tim burton’s work and horror films, I also have been collecting the strange and unusual objects that would creep people out, like animal remains and voodoo dolls. I’ve had dreams of helping direct and create monsters for the big screens all over the US. Read more>>