We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Esper Supplice | Music Artist & Model

I think a lot of myideas of legacy pertain more to how I want to live my life than the things I hope to accomplish. I want to be a beacon of compassion, love and happiness for everyone around me. Someone my peers and loved ones can rely on and look to for guidance and inspiration regarding more than just creative ideas. I’m aiming to be an exceptional person in all aspects, and elevate those around me to the same status, so that they can do the same for those around them. Read more>>

Ruemi | Poet | Writer | Musician

I hurt. I create. I emote. Remember my words. Art without appreciation is isolation. The worst death you can inflict upon an artist is ignorance. Yet, even an audience of one and a rock to stand upon is enough to keep our creative drive healthy and flourishing. Words are my playthings. I make them dance on the page and sing for you in melodic rhymes. Let that be my legacy. Read more>>

Lysz Flo | Multicreative and Spiritual Wellness Shop Founder

That I was sincere in assisting and supporting their healing journey in any step of the way. That I felt someone feel a little more whole as a person either through services or any of the items I have available. If one person got clarity or what they were looking to feel at any time while supporting my work then I have excelled. Read more>>