We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Dr. Wynette Green | Marriage and Family Therapist

I want my legacy to be one where when someone mentions my name or thinks about me, they will be able to say that I made a positive influence or impact on their lives. I want it to be one where my fellow clients, students, friends and family members will be able to share stories of how we found solutions together; and working together lives were changed for the better. Lastly, I want my legacy to be one where my children and my children’s children will feel proud and be determined to also be a helper and inspiration in their communities. I want people to remember a person that instilled hope and a belief that they deserve to be happy and to live their best lives, regardless. I want them to remember me as an example of someone who “practiced what she preached.” A dynamic, risk-taker, hard-worker; yet a genuinely caring and supportive person is what I would love for people to remember about me. Read more>>

Safía Stoute | Artist & Business Owner

I want my legacy to be one of change, through my work I aspire to inspire people and change limiting societal norms. Read more>>

Bella Barnes | Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach, Fitness Model and Business Owner

I want people to remember me as the woman that changed the world’s view on skinny shaming and pioneered a healthy space for women who want to gain healthy weight. Not only do I want to be remembered as a personal trainer but also someone who helped transform and elevated people’s mindsets just like I had to do with myself. A lot of my work now comes from somewhere within. I’m creating a book club based on self-help/self-development books and really want to build a community where people are actually working through their traumas and becoming happier people. We need happier people in this world. These kinds of books really helped me develop my own state of mind so I really hope this book club will do the same I feel like the fitness industry is so saturated at the minute and a lot of these Instagram pages and programs are only focusing on the outside, the aesthetics. For me, mental and physical health go hand in hand but it starts with the mind. I want to be remembered for making a real difference in real people’s lives. Read more>>

Marqus Jackson | Designer

I want people to remember how hard I worked and how I stayed true to myself and dedicated to my dreams while always remaining humble.. I want my legacy to be how I contributed to broadening men’s fashion and guided men in being and feeling confident when they are wearing something by me. Read more>>

James Rodriguez | Fitness/ Performance Trainer

I want my legacy to be very simple, knowing I was able to help change lives and set that example for my kids. I want my clients/ people to remember me as having great energy, and also helping them not only physically but also transform mentally. Read more>>

Jay Elaine | Creative Entrepreneur & Content Creator

I’m sure people often think, “I wonder what people will remember me for?” At least I do. I think about this a lot, my legacy. Many people think of a legacy as a grand thing. When they think of a legacy they think of people who’ve had a major impact on themselves and society. Whether it be someone like Martin Luther King Jr, whose legacy was established in the civil rights movement, Michael Jackson, whose legacy was established in the entertainment industry, even the late Cicley Tyson who established a legacy in the theatrical world making her mark as a phenomenal actress, who people will talk about forever. All of these people were great, no doubt, their legacy will be talked about, televised, and celebrated for years to come. As much as I would appreciate being able to touch millions of people in creative ways and leave behind a grand legacy, I will still feel accomplished if my legacy was established only in the hearts of a few hundreds or just one. If I am able to inspire just one person to change the way they think about themselves and their craft, that is enough in my heart to feel a legacy was established. Read more>>