Getting to do what you love? Providing for your loved ones? What does success mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

Adrian Clarke | Male Model, Actor, Photographer

Being truly happy with your choices in life, not being worried about what society thinks and not seeking approval. Read more>>

Karlene Scarlett | Social Media Coach | Digital Marketing Strategist | Founder of Social Blessings, LLC

My twin sister asked me this same question randomly while I was sitting outside on my patio enjoying seasonal 60-degree weather on a cool December day. I was outside watching my cat run around in the backyard while I was working on client projects. Read more>>

Jayda (Aka Flying Knight) Knight | Visual & Street Artist

For me at least, I feel success is a combination of all these factors: 1. The ride had to be challenging. If I got here easy, I am probably not doing something right. 2. I learned along the way and I grew spiritually. 3. I created a positive impact on the world and people. 4. I am happy and healthy. Read more>>

Jakejames Lugo | Host, Media Personality & Content Creator

Success has a wide range of definitions and criteria for different people. For me personally, being successful goes far beyond the money you obtain or the amount of followers and subscribers you gain over time. That’s definitely an important part of it. Read more>>

Kendra Erika Fulmer | Recording Artist/Singer-Songwriter

1) I began a career in music, and I made sure that I did the most of it independently to maintain those entrepreneurial principles. I have my own label now called OysterShell Music “because my music’s an aphrodisiac”. As an artist, you are your own brand, and I appreciate anyone who can build themselves individually. Read more>>