Getting to do what you love? Providing for your loved ones? What does success mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

Nabil Taha | Gallery Owner & Real Estate Developer

Success shouldn’t always be what monetary value you ultimately accumulated, that’s a very limited ideology. Rather success should be defined as the accomplishments you accumulate everyday towards an ultimate goal. This drive of always improving every step you take running towards your life goals is success on it’s own, gaining attributes like persistence and dedication during any process is a successful accomplishment, even if you don’t reach what you wanted. Such successful attributes gained carry on with you while working on multiple visions, making you a stronger and well experienced individual. Read more>>

Martha Bendana | Artist Painting Instructor for Paint Parties and Online Learning

Having moved from different countries and even continents as a family of 6 I wasn’t able to to own a physical art studio space as I used to have for 10 years when we lived in our native country Honduras. Finally established in the East Coast of Florida and with our daughters already grown up I decided to look for another alternative to still be able to teach what makes me happy : Painting .
I started to look for options to still be able to teach painting but with a new twist adding the “entertainment” touch and ” go mobile” since I didn’t own a physical place to hold my new vision : Paint Parties ! Read more>>

Ceej Carpio | Digital Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Muralist

What initially sparked my idea was the personal interest that I had in digital art growing up. I always admired the finish and polish of animated cartoons from the 90s and early 2000s and the products and marketing materials that came from it, like posters, stickers, trading cards, anything the mind can think of and I thought that was really cool because its so scalable; perfect example Pokémon. Growing up in Jamaica and not really traveling abroad made me realize that a lot of these products weren’t available in my country and I always thought what if; so back in 2017 when I was thinking about what I could do, my talents and interest were the very first things I thought about. Read more>>

Stefano Nichele | Photographer

Success is looking behind you, looking at obstacles you were able to overcome, looking at your past and see how far you have come from that starting point. Harder the battle, sweeter the victory. Read more>>

Jay Filsma | Actor/comedian

I think success should be measured by how happy your are, how much fun your having in life and if your working on yourself to be a better person each day Read more>>

Justin Johnson | Podcaster & Educator

During the pandemic, I was featured on a friend’s podcast and I felt that I needed to explain more. In other words, I felt my voice needed to be heard more, but on my own terms. After months and months of procrastinating, I decided to finally launch my own podcast platform. Read more>>

SublimeLuv SublimeLuv Brand | Spoken Word Artist | Teaching Artist | Speaker | Facilitator

Success to me is nuanced. One layer of attaining success as an artist is working consistently on your art and remaining passionate about it despite the monetary outcome. As long as one remains serious and consistent with their art, monetary success will come. One can be extremely talented but it takes determination and tenacity to see it all the way through. Another layer for me, is that success looks like people being moved by my words that have no stake in me. Family and friends love and support you by default (and even that may not be a guarantee), but when strangers are impacted and transformed by your work, you have truly made it! Read more>>

Alex Anders | DJ and Music Producer

Success to me is when you are blessed with the energy to help others, and have to power to do so, defines success to me. Money is not success to me, although some may disagree with me. True success is in your mindset and how you go about life. Always having the right attitude. Staying true to your word and being your 100 percent authentic self. All of it defines Success to me. Read more>>

Natalia Riettie | Natural Hair Influencer | Natural Hair Business Owner

Growing up, as a Black Jamaican girl I remember always wanting to have long hair but never been able to grow my hair past my shoulders. I remember being told that in order to grow long, thick hair, you had to be either biracial, mixed raced or non-black. Not much information were available to us about how to take care of type 4 hair and the only advice given to us on how to manage our hair was that we should get a relaxer. Read more>>