Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Lourdes Milian | Wedding & Special Events Planner

The most important factor behind the success of Lourdes Milian Productions has been good ethics and accountability. It has been about being reliable not just with my business, but with myself. It has meant following through with concepts or ideas even if in the end they fail– it’s the failures that have helped me learn and grow. It’s about never leaving things half way or incomplete once you start, and pushing through no matter the circumstance. It is also leading by example. I want my team to always understand that your success doesn’t only come if you are really good at something; it will come only if it is aligned with integrity and the pursuit of striving to be great. Read more>>

Jorge Perez | Founder & Creative Director

The most important factor behind our success is consistency and listening to the client. It’s amazing to be extremely creative and have a ton of ideas especially ideas that are different but what brings success is making sure you identify who your client is and you listen to them. Listen and pay attention to their wants and needs and once you do make sure you stay consistent with your vision. Read more>>

Natasha Williams | Founder

Embrace your story and your uniqueness. Your product or service is not for everyone, and that’s OK. You will find your tribe that resonates and connects with your story. People buy from the brand that shares their same values. The more you love and serve your guests, clients, and customers, the more you will reap. Being a woman of color, has been a blessing in disguise. People are naturally curious about a black girl with big hair on a SUP with her pup. I’m an anomaly in the water sports industry, and people are drawn to me and my story. I initially thought it would be an obstacle because paddleboarding is a white- and male-dominated sport and industry. But people of all races have supported me in different ways. Read more>>

Angela Armenakis

Most important factors behind the success of my business is that I customize the treatments according to our clients neeeds. Each person is unique and our focus is to correct and beautify our clients. I have an artistic background and being a medical esthetician for 24 years has given me the experience to identify my clients needs. Read more>>

Lucas G. Irwin | Mindfulness & Integrative Health Coach

Authenticity. I find myself in a rather unique space within my field. This was not the result of a deliberate branding strategy or an attempt to fill a void, but the natural consequence of an unyielding commitment to be myself and do things my way. In the mindfulness and meditation environment, there are a lot of stereotypical characteristics and qualities that many practitioners tend to adopt over time. Being completely honest, I had occasionally questioned if I needed to fit the mold, if I needed to better fit the expectations of others. But I wanted to help others and create spaces to help reach those that may, have otherwise, been hesitant to explore mindfulness; remaining unique and has not only made this possible but continues to support my motivation and cultivate personal joy. Read more>>

Marina Vogel | Hair Stylist & Salon Owner

Definitely self confidence, and knowing what I’m doing and happiness & positivity in my life. Read more>>

Tiffany M. Doan | Biologist & Martial Artist

Perseverance. Unlike some people whose career paths are a straight line, mine has been a very winding road. I have been working as a biology professor and researcher since completing graduate school but I had a major turn in my career when I quit my tenured position without another job in hand. It was scary and risky, but it was the right thing to do for my life. I drifted among temporary positions for many years before finally obtaining a permanent position at New College of Florida. There were many times when I considered leaving academia because it was too hard to find the kind of job that I wanted but I kept going. Perseverance serves me still because I have to keep applying for grants that are not often funded, keep working at research projects that are complex, and keep refining my classes to enhance student learning, which had to completely change because of the pandemic. Perseverance is also important in the martial arts that I practice. Read more>>

Ralph Avila | General Sales Manager

30 years of professional experience, I have managed to position myself as one of the leading voices in the automotive industry. Leveraging my dynamic leadership style and integrity-centered customer approach; I understands how to maximize team efficiency and profitability while providing a customer buying experience — specifically in the luxury brand sector — that outperforms industry standards and exceeds client expectations. Read more>>

Kimberly Correia | Co-Founder

The most important factor behind the success of the Plastic Free Mermaids is passion. Being a co-founder to this organization, I have always had a calling to protect nature and be a voice/platform to those that are unable to speak for themselves. Keyla, my sister and the other co-founder, and I grew up in South Florida, which is founded in eco-tourism. We continuously see the relationship between the ocean and its inhabitants providing for our needs/entertainments while humans, as a collective, are not nurturing the ocean back. Therefore, our desire to address plastic pollution and its consumption in the state of Florida is one of the ways Keyla and I are ensuring the environment is being taken care of. By collaborating with our public officials, educating our youth, creating interactive up-cycling art events, and working with our community continues to fulfill our desire to see the environment in its healthiest capacity. Read more>>

Rachel Needle | Licensed Psychologist, Certified Sex Therapist & Entrepreneur

Following my heart and interests, caring about and believing in people, and taking calculated risks are some of the most important factors that have lead to my success. Read more>>

Shalean LaBerge and Stephanie Ghitis | Influencers

One major aspect of Soflofooodie has always been to remain original. We have a large focus on creating content that we have not yet seen. Even if that means doing something trendy but with our own twist. We want our space to be a place our audience can see unique, fun and different content. We share our recipes with the community and encourage others to make them too. Much of our success revolves around our ability to work closely with brands but also create our own original products. Read more>>