We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Tiffany Hamilton | Holistic Practitioner

My parents inspire me! Growing up my mom who is a master seamstress had her own boutique, and my dad had a car wash. Me and my brothers would spend weekends at my moms shop, and during the week our school bus would drop us off at my dads car wash. At that time I was aware of them having their own businesses, but didn’t understand until I grew up the influence that it had on me. Read more>>

Nicholas Valme | Healthy Strides with Nick : Personal Trainer & Health Coach

After my experience with cancer, I focused on maintaining a healthier lifestyle to heal my body and further it’s growth and strengthening. not just through exercise, but by introducing a different fruits, seeds, and teas into my diet to battle free radicals and harmful additives we find in our food. Read more>>

Cristina Suárez | Furniture designer & CEO of Tavolini Furniture

“Look deep into nature, admire it, love it, and you will find yourself surrounded by pure beauty”. I think that nowadays we are so focused on getting things done, that we often forget to admire the natural beauty that surrounds us. We forget that we are also part of that beauty; that our essence is purely natural. Read more>>