We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Bailee Cudmore | Professional Dancer and Perfome, Owner & Founder

For me personally, success is not defined as an amount or number in my business account. It isn’t defined by sales or profit, publicity or how many likes I get on Instagram. I define success in my business by one word. LOVE. If something I made and gave blessed someone else or simply put a smile on their face, I consider that a success in my business. I bake with love, I decorate with love, I package with love- all with the hopes that my customers receive it to the full from the moment they look at it to the second they taste it. LOVE = Success for 5 Loaves Bake House and vise versa. The name 5 Loaves Bake House comes from the miracle found in Matthew chapter 14 of the Bible. Read more>>

Johnny Sfeir Karam | Customer Experience Designer

IT IS HOW DELIVER A PERFORMANCE CUSTOMERS NEVER FORGET. Count the number of times have you called your best friend or approached a coworker and said, “You cannot believe what just HAPPENED to me just now.” These words precede a story about something bad that HAPPENED, right? And then when you tell the story, you freak out your listener … as well as yourself. Let´s take back the phrase you cannot believe what HAPPENED from all the negative, freak-out feelings, and use it for positive moments: • The moments that make us smile and laugh. • The moments that warm our hearts. • The moments that surprise us. • The moments worth celebrating. • The moments worth telling stories about, year after year, to everyone we meet. Read more>>

Deontae Mack | Airbnb Property Manager & Investment Specialist

A Positive mindset is essential to dealing with the stressors of building a brand and the financial struggles. – Maintaining organization and calanders – Habits that contribute to your loan term and short term goals – being active on social media – Having the influence around you to improve yourself and shoot for high goals – Roadmap of short term and long term plans Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 – More Sacrifices than you want to make These factors have contributed to the bulk of my brand success on a small scale enough to generate over $150k in a 4 year period. However Maintaining this kind of organization was not achieved from day one but rather focusing on good habits that translate to a successful brand in the long term. Read more>>

Johnathan Harris | Comedian & Entertainer

I think the most important factor for me is staying consistent and working hard. Most importantly having faith in God along the way. Read more>>