We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Quadeera Teart | Brand Engineer & CEO | ManifestHer Media & Marketing, LLC.

The most important factor to my success has been collaborating with other female entrepreneurs and women in business. Collaboration multiplies awareness and expands reach more than I ever could alone. It’s also refreshing to collaborate on events, programs and projects with partners who understand my drive, boundaries and lifestyle; who understands that more than another female entrepreneur or woman in business. Read more>>

Michael Fonseca | Boat Rental Owner and Captain

Quality, a lot of business owners these days priorities income at the top of their list. In my opinion this is a down fall. Quality is what sets my business apart from the rest. As soon as anyone steps on my boat they are treated like family, so much in fact they forget they are paying for a service. The money will always come, to secure the consistency is the quality of the service. Read more>>

Marion Pigeot | Brand & Web Designer

Design is my whole life. My brand’s success is fueled by a constant desire to surround myself with art and culture worldwide and be experimental. Textures, symmetries, color palettes, mother nature is where I get all my inspiration from. My passion is fulfilled by pushing the boundaries and creating new experiences, which I thrive on in every project. Read more>>

Ashanei Christian | Director and Co-Founder of DZ Studios

Most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is that i believe its about relationships. Building meaningful and long lasting relationships with your clients. Relating to them and understanding their needs and make it your own. Be as passionate as them, even more passionate. Let them know you believe in their vision maybe even more than they do and creating bonds between them that will eventually will feel like a family. Read more>>

Gayana Innocent | Artisan/Craft Designer

Happiness is the most important factor behind my success and my brand. The products I sell are personal creative things made with love and care. Once that person is gifted with my products their first feeling is happiness. They are instantly overwhelmed with joy and happiness because It is a unique thing that wasn’t expected. I can honestly say the time that I have the most fun is when I am working on my crafts. Everything comes from creativity and having that open free will to do whatever is a happy setting. Overall, I like to know that my customers are happy and that’s what makes me happy. Read more>>

Brittany Brave | Comedian, Producer and founder of Cat Call

A toss up between authenticity and being happy with yourself, your art, your brand. Authenticity is key to comedy, but really any pursuit. Making a decision with zero hesitation and being not only comfortable, but proud to attach your name to a project or message. I always want to make sure I’m making comedy that I like and would want to consume and make sure it’s saying something that needs to be heard through the laughter. On that same token, the creative process is a messy one full of self-doubt, failure, imposter syndrome and uncertainty, so artists need to be confident in themselves and their product first and foremost. Real art has its own audience and that doesn’t include everyone. I like myself, I like my comedy and I like what I’m working on and building and that’s more than half the struggle. Getting other people on board is secondary once you have that foundation. Read more>>