Your life and your work present opportunities to learn constantly. Some of those lessons can change the trajectory of our lives. We asked some of the brightest stars of our community to share the most important lesson they’ve learned along their journey.

Rodrigo Antunes | Martial Artist & Entrepeneur

Our goal is to make people’s life more enjoyable. Each individual is different from each other. We are unique and that is wonderful. Different people has different needs and as a martial arts, we are here to show the way to achieve goals in a pleasant way. Yes, what we teach and preach has enormous benefits: self confidence, discipline, respect, healthy and social. Our mission is give our students the ability to stay safe and happy! Read more>>

Nicole Salcedo | Interdisciplinary Artist

Learn as much as you can about yourself. Practice not taking things personally, and not taking things for granted. Forgiveness is the best gift you can give yourself and others. Clearing our mind and grounding yourself in the mornings is essential to a productive and energetic day. Befriend uncertainty. “When in doubt, give.”-Bjork. Read more>>

Lisa Botto Lee | Representational, Realistic Artist

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned along your journey? How did you get to where you are today professionally. Was it easy? If not, how did you overcome the challenges? Perseverance and dedication. I have had challenges in my life and pushed through them to find my way back to my art. Life can come at you pretty hard when you are not looking. Sixteen years ago, I lost my husband suddenly when my children were very little. I was devastated and my art career came to a screeching halt. Read more>>

Giselle Meza | Founder / Puresa Humanitarian – PURESA.ORG

The most important lesson I have learned along my journey in life of serving others is to follow your passion and your heart with faith. . This has empowered me over my 20 year journey through my work as founder at Puresa Humanitarian / (PURESA.ORG); to reach, rescue, and restore the lives of victims and survivors of human trafficking. ‘Changing lives + Creating hope’ This God-given calling in my life to serve others world-wide with love, compassion and dignity has brought me the most joy and healing in life, along with being a mother. Read more>>