Happiness is everything.  Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Valeria Lopez | Creator

My mother, boyfriend, dog, job, being sober, acting, music, movies, drinking water, running, eating, breathing, dancing, going on adventures, the sun, pool, beach, family, and friends. Read more>>

Elizabeth Eleanor Davis | Visual Artist & Painter

Creating makes me happy. When I am working on an artistic endeavor, I feel a fulfillment that this is my place in the world. To create and share what I create with others is my role in society. It feels incredibly rewarding to use my imagination to come up with an idea, and then execute that idea with my own two hands. Having the privilege to sit alone in my studio and work gives me a focus that I do not experience during any other activity. When someone connects with what I create, I feel elated and like I have done my job, done what I have set out to do. That in turn, encourages me to create the next project and the next and so on. Other things that make my happy, that bring me true joy are my wonderful husband, my dog, music, friends, and laughter. I am a big believer in finding your tribe, like minded people who celebrate and encourage one another, and I feel lucky to have found that. Read more>>

Bianca Falcon | Pilates, Dance Instructor & Recreational Therapist

I have a passion for helping people come together as a community. Especially now, the rough times during this year’s pandemic has shown me how important having a community truly is. Whether your backbone is family, friends, coworkers, or like-minded people, it’s those around us that help gets us through. I am my truest self when I engage in my community and create a sense of unity and relatability through movement. It’s inspiring to feel the connectedness of others regardless of their paths of life. Creating unity through community is my life mission. Read more>>