We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Zeina Darwich | Certified Energy Coach

What makes me happy is sharing my ENERGY, my passion & my purpose with my clients . By Adding value & working together to support them to shift their energy levels ,Reawaken their capacity to live as one ,uncover their fears,improve their lives & make a difference in the world . It ignites my heart when I see them evolving. I am grateful for my challenges that lead me to The path of “Energy Coaching “. What makes me happy too ,is spending quality time with my kids because they grow very fast and I want to cherish those precious moments ,connecting with likeminded souls which is priceless ,and serving others to stay connected to who they are. Read more>>

Leah Romeo | Crystal Jewelry Designer & Healer/Energy Worker

What makes me happy is being of service to others. I strongly believe I was born to help others in their journey, it helps me as well. There is nothing more satisfying for me than being that bright, warm-hearted, altruistic presence in someone’s life. I am motivated by reminding people there are genuine souls here that truly want you to attain peace, love, and happiness in this lifetime. I am always ready to add more unconditional love into the world because it is so desperately needed. I know how it is to feel lonely, unsupported, and hopeless. There is grand fulfillment with bringing positivity and support into other’s lives. More importantly, empowering them along the way so they can be self-sufficient. I readily share any resources and information that may help someone. We are all experiencing life together. There is no logical reason as to why one cannot selflessly help another. Healthier people yields a healthier environment. Read more>>

Riccardo Conte | CEO & Serial Entrepreneur

Drinking a glass of good wine at end of the day. There are many things one has to take care of as an entrepreneur and sometimes the responsibility can be overwhelming. One regular day may have an unending list of things that require your attention. So, nothing better than ending your day knowing you gave your best while enjoying a good glass of wine as your reward. Read more>>