We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Kelly & Chris Fernandez | Good Times Roll Photo Booth Bus Owners

One of the best feelings is when my husband and I are driving our Good Times Roll photobooth bus (a dreamy 1973 seafoam green, vintage Volkswagen) to an event, and most people we pass on the street gives us a huge smile, wave, thumbs up, or peace sign! Our bus naturally brings people joy, and you can’t ask for a better job than that! The Bus also brings back nostalgic memories for some, and we love hearing the fond memories that they’ll share with us. Read more>>

Joycelyn Bejar | Health & Fitness Trainer/ Sports Nutrition Coach/ Filmmaker

“Do what makes you happy.” My mother would say to me ever since I was a little girl when we would talk about career and life goals. She never imposed you should do this or that. Quite the opposite, she said “don’t do it for the money, follow what makes you happy and the rest will follow.” From then on, every step I took was taken with that in heart and mind. I gravitated towards the things that I was passionate about and left those behind that didn’t move me. I have often wondered if this made it more difficult for me because I didn’t have a strict path to follow. I had to search deep down inside time and again, evaluate where I was standing and the things that did or didn’t make me happy at the time. Read more>>

Nicole Soltau | Digital Marketing Strategist and Instructor

Being a digital marketing instructor with a passion for teaching and empowering students makes me happy. I find teaching rewarding because it gives me a sense of fulfillment. There is also the gratification of knowing that I helped someone learn something, which is a very positive feeling. Read more>>

Marvin/Christian Scholz/Viera | Relationship Advice Podcast

I truly believe that genuine happiness is found in helping others. Making a positive impact in someone’s life is the purest form of happiness. No matter how small or insignificant it may be. Because ultimately that is all that matters. Helping the people around you means so much more to me than helping yourself. That is where I find my happiness. Whether that may be by giving advice, holding the door open for someone, helping someone out when they are in need, making another person smile. Happiness is kindness. And when you understand that concept, everything else in life becomes secondary. To me, that is where happiness lies. Read more>>