Our businesses can feel like a part of us and so it’s often awkward to talk about why we are proud of our businesses, but it’s important to do so because talking about what makes us proud is what helps us double down on the values, principles, and best practices that matter most.

Suhail Rivera | Alkaline Herb Shop Founder

What I am most proud of about my business, Alkaline Herb Shop, is the quality and potency of our products. We have worked very hard to source the highest quality ingredients and use only wildcrafted and organic herbs for all our blends. We have never skimmed on quality, and this is what makes our products so strong and effective. Some of our customers even call them life-changing or transformative. This, along with great customer service and great prices, is what really has made our brand a success. Read more>>

Robin White | Artist

As an artist, starting my own business pretty much came naturally. I don’t even believe I thought about it much at all before I did it. One thing that I love about being an entrepreneur is that I am totally in control of everything I do, which for me alleviates a LOT of stress that comes from trying to work in a corporate or managed environment. I am pretty much of a loner, so it works very well for me. That being said, I do share the profits in the form of commissions with a couple of galleries who I have a very good relationship with, and that works out just fine. Read more>>

Cleo Vo-Dai | Owner, teacher and student , Modo Yoga Miami Beach

Your vibe attracts your tribe and I am extremely proud of the community that we built collectively at Modo Yoga Miami Beach. From our team of staff and teachers to our students and members, including our team of energy exchangers. This community has shown so much support to each other during this time, it has been an incredible human experience. Read more>>

DJ Aloona | Music Coach & DJ

I built the business and skills that I can share with people now. I am delighted that I went to the point where I can teach people to play music and not keeping my talent only with me. And I am enjoying to see their happy faces when they learn DJing. It makes me very happy. Read more>>

Ricardo Rodrigues | Brazilian Architect & Product Designer

What makes me most proud of my business is the ability it has to help people achieve their dreams. Read more>>

Elizabeth Gallardo | Founder and Owner of The Cat’s Meow Café

Since opening our doors on March 7th, we have successfully reached 25 adoptions. That’s 25 cats that are no longer in the shelter system or on the streets and now have loving homes. We are delighted and grateful that we are able to provide a safe and calm environment that allows our human guests to make and build connections with their new furry best friend. We are proud to say that we change lives for the better, both for humans and cats. Read more>>

Mone’t Howard | Celebrity hair and makeup artist

What makes me so proud of the business I built is the trials and tribulations and the faith I put in from the very beginning. When you build a business you have to start with humility and gratitude. I always said yes to every opportunity and as all the years of progression I look into the future with the same value. Always staying on trend and produce bold unique content that has the wow factor . I started this industry in hair and worked my way to makeup and now to say I can do both for production or wedding and etc. is phenomenal to me I feel so confident in my career and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Read more>>