“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Viviana Estrada | Qigong Healer, Trainer & Coach

I want people to remember me as the person who helped them realize their greatness and taught them how to get rid of suffering and maximize their possibilities of living an abundant life. Read more>>

Neal Oates, Jr. | Real Estate Broker, Speaker & Coach

I want to be remembered as someone who showed others what is possible. I want my life to be evidence that you can live a life of significance without compromising on what you believe and stand for. More than being remembered, I want to be missed. I want people to wish that I was still in the room; to know that my presence made everyone else’s day brighter. Read more>>

LaDon Quivette | Licensed Barber & SMP Technician

I want my legacy to be that I planted and cultivated seeds within my community. I worked at bonding, building, bridging and branding within the Industry, professionally and personally. I want people to remember that I was humble, diligent, determined, resourceful and that I displayed LOVE! Read more>>

Sunny Simon | Career Coach

I believe my legacy will be found in how my life evidenced my core values. Stated differently, did I walk the talk? If I were to rank my core values, I would slot integrity at the top. In the book The Four Agreements, shamanic teacher Don Miguel Ruiz advises to “be impeccable with your word.” I want to be remembered by others as someone who always kept her word and acted with honesty and truth in both my business and personal transactions. As a self-described optimist, my desired legacy should include role modeling living life on the sunny side. I want to be remembered as a woman who could find the silver lining in the most dismal situations. If, after I exit this world, people speak of me as an optimist who acted with grace and integrity, then I did it right. Read more>>