“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Lisa Seid | Licensed Psychotherapist

I would have to say, honesty is my most valued principle. It’s the foundation of trust which is paramount in creating emotional safety. This is critical in my profession as a therapist where I help people heal deep emotional wounds that have often come about from lack of honesty and broken trust in their closest relationships. I’ve also found that because of those experiences, people not only find it difficult to trust others but to trust themselves too. We have to be able to trust not only those around us but most importantly ourselves if we hope to succeed in our personal or professional lives. Like so many of my clients, I’ve had my own fair share of painful life experiences which I’ve worked to heal from, so I personally value honesty immensely too. Read more>>

Nathanaelle Vazquez | CEO/Owner of Naturally You Haircare Products

Integrity – You can wake up tomorrow and decide to start a business, or start a new career, the success behind those intents will depend on your values, your morals, your focus and your goal. How to do you stay true to yourself if you don’t have integrity. – To achieve a goal, you must feel secure and confident in who you are, incorruptible, your self esteem must be at 100 – If you stay on that righteous path, sound of mind, the will to believe in yourself and keep pushing through. For myself and my family, for Naturally You, the sky is the limit. Read more>>

Kiandra Leon | Entrepreneur & Creator

There are many principles that matter to me. Growing up, I was surrounded by close family members who were business owners. I’ve learned so many principles being surrounded by them such. The principle that matters to me most would be to be consistent. This is what stood out to me mostly. Being consistent will equal growth. Starting off as a small business is scary, but as long as you remain consistent, you will grow, and your business will grow. Read more>>