How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Guillermo Jop | Creative Director at GUiSHEM

I believe that in order to reach my dreams and be successful, it was necessary to always take risks wisely, knowing that each decision can turn out differently from how I planned it, but also believing that if it is achieved, then it will be something amazing. Read more>>

Benoit Izard | Performer and Visual Artist

I don’t think about risks. i simply do what i want to do, or i try to what i want. in the same way that i don’t think about what is more secure. it would feel strange to think risks regard to art creation, it is in opposition, art is about being free, it is not about the excitement or the fear of risk. that said, i made choices without knowing were i was going, and that was often my best choices. like when, at the end of my architecture studies in lyon, i went to do an audition at the dance academy in amsterdam without nearly having dance before, i just wanted to be a dancer, there was no other thoughts, i guess i was so clear in my mind, that they took me. Read more>>

Alex De Angelis | Maad Events Co-founder

Really what is risk? People over think this word so much, and by overthinking they don’t do. your life should be about taking risks about doing something that you didn’t do yesterday, what’s the worst that can happen? you fail? okay and? when you fail you have no option than bring yourself back up, if you aren’t taking risks in life you aren’t living, your just existing. Read more>>

Terrance Daniel | Terrance Daniel

For me a life without taking risks is a life without much joy and excitement. There is always a certain level risk taking that is sustainable and everyone has their own tiers and levels. For example, I’ve never been drunk, I’ve never taken any drugs, I’ve never smoked either. I’m not comfortable taking risks that are associated with my health and well being because I do believe “being a healthy person” is your greatest asset and you have to take care of that and “play it safe” as much as possible or your world will crumble. After graduating from The Ohio State University, I moved to Washington D.C. for two years, New York 5 years, Los Angeles 7 years, then Spain for 3 months and then eventually Miami where I’ve lived for the past few years (on and off). Moving to unfamiliar places where you don’t have any childhood friends or family is one of greatest risks that I took early in life. Read more>>

Colson Horton | Art Director, Visual Storyteller

I believe that risks are necessary in so many ways for growth. You can not learn without failure from risk, or expand and develop your craft. I also believe that taking risks should be celebrated. One of the biggest risks that I took recently was being able to submit for a large project that would be a career milestone. The reward was that all of the steps that I had taken in my business up until then had allowed for me to be able to do so confidently and was presented personally to a relationship that had been developed over time. Take the risk to make connections, to submit for the job, to stretch your creativity!. Read more>>


Ricardo Lugo | Filmmaker and Podcaster

Risk-taking is the only reason I have the best things in my life right now. I landed an internship and eventual position at HBO Latin America earlier in my career because I took a massive risk. Rating a risk depends completely on the reward. If it’s potentially life-changing, but could put me out of house and home, then I’ll take the risk as long as my wife is on board. However, if the reward isn’t that great and the risk is high, then I won’t do it. Read more>>

Julie A. Evans | Founder & Fashion Insights Director

I wouldn’t define myself as a risk taker – quite the opposite.Even when i was working corporate taking huge production decisions on thousands of units getting produced, I would look at data, brainstorm with the team, evaluate and calculate every risk taken. Taking risks is inevitable though. That’s the only way forward. The sooner you understand and accept that, the better. Founding a technology company is a big risk – and I will be honest with you, I do miss the security and comfort of doing a job I know perfectly and where I was able to calculate every risk. At the same time it’s not challenging to know perfectly what you are doing and to stay forever in your comfort zone. Read more>>

Sophie Handler | Writer & Owner of Sophie Bay Biscuits

I’ve completely changed my outlook on what might be considered “risky” over the past few years. I think risk-taking to a lot of people might just mean doing things that may not fit a conventional mold. And I am all for that, 100%. I think there is too much emphasis on following a conventional track, when in reality, our lives and careers don’t need to be linear, just as what happens to us personally is oftentimes just incredibly unforeseen. And it’s important that we don’t force ourselves to get back on a certain “track,” but rather that we listen to ourselves and try to create meaningful lives. I was diagnosed with cancer three times in the past ten years, two of those times putting me in the hospital and unable to walk for a year at a time, each. That has really influenced my outlook on what I want to do with my life. After finishing a year of treatment and surgeries in 2019, I immediately got an office job in New York. Read more>>

Casey Librizzi | Fitness Studio Owner and Instructor; Motivational Speaker

In the early part of my life risk taking was not my thing. As I got older, I realized that if I didn’t risk trading today for an uncertain future outcome then I would never know what fortune the future may hold. It’s about being completely open to opportunities, despite my fears. Yes, being vulnerable is hard. It’s difficult, it hurts and it’s uncomfortable. It is incredibly scary to do things that are uncomfortable. But being vulnerable also is incredibly brave. It means that I stop looking at what could go wrong and start thinking about what can go right. • Do I write that book? • Do I start that business? • Do I end that relationship? • Do I apply for that promotion? Bravery increases confidence and that confidence leads to strength. Every major decision I have made came with a risk. That’s why most people avoid making them. It’s too scary. But if I wanted to change my life for the better then I needed to be scared. I needed to take the road less traveled. I needed to stand out. Read more>>

Hattie Mae Williams | Time Keeper, Business Owner & Artist

When I think about the word risk, I think about taking chances, being exposed, showing vulnerability, or playing with danger. In my personal life and career I’ve always partnered with risk, it is one of the things that keeps me true to myself and imagination. Unfortunately because of systems and oppressive teachings we all have been indoctrinated into, most of us operate in a very safe normalized fashion. Because of this, somewhat simple acts such as honestly expressing yourself, creating art and worlds, and loving unapologetically is actually risky behavior! The word risk, success and balance is constantly changing for me as I develop and redefine what is important to me. The main role risk has played in my life and career where it has served my higher self is when I’ve detached myself from an unhealthy behavior, relationships, characters, or narratives. Read more>>

Alexia Aguilar | Founder & CEO

Every successful person experiences failures. Without failures there are no lessons in which you can grow and learn from. Leaving the luxury industry which I had been in for so long was such a risk, it was all I knew. I had no idea if I would get clients to consult for. So many people told me to never leave a job without having another job in place but I didn’t listen to that fear. I took a risk, stuck to what I wanted to do and most importantly, I believed in myself. This decision was far from easy and still there are days I am frustrated, other days I fail, but I continue to learn. I will never let fears and failure stop me from reaching my dreams and goals. Read more>>


If I believe in something then I’m willing to take big risks. That’s always been my approach to anything in life. If I’m in, I’m all in. 100%. Read more>>

Eric Reilly | Motivational Speaker & Software Analyst

I believe taking on a certain amount of risk is absolutely necessary to achieve the success that I’m striving for. That being said, I think the biggest risk in your life you can take is never pursuing your dreams. I’d much rather try and fail than look back on my life 30 years from now and regret never trying. Read more>>

Coco MATA | Public Relations Consultant & CEO @305PR

Risk has always been a part of my life and career. I am a risk taker because I consider it essential to move out of my comfort zone helping me growth and reaching my goals. Read more>>

A’Rion Scales | Chef and business woman

Risk to me is a faith activator no you’re not going to intentionally take risk that could harm or damage you but every move is a risk if you move on your own will and might Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and we have to know that , despite what the world may tell us if god tells you to do it or he confirms that you can do it, do it! I took a risk quitting my 9/5 to focus on my business wholeheartedly but it took so much faith for me to get through that process god told me to quit my job and it took me more than a year before I did it because I was afraid ,afraid of being broke but fear is not of god and once I removed my fear and activated my faith god was just like boom! We on!!!. Read more>>

Alexandra Preston | Luxury Florist

I truly believe every opportunity doesn’t come giftwrapped. Some opportunities will only present itself if you take risks. In order to reach your full potential, you have to be willing to take a leap of faith! Sometimes, you will succeed and others you will learn what to do and what not to do. My life and career is based on taking risks! Nothing was just handed to me. My first wedding, my first funeral even my first arrangement was just based off an idea. Taking a leap of faith in myself not knowing how my creativity would appeal to others. My opinion, if you think of it enough and it’s still on your mind, GO FOR IT! Take that leap of faith, take that risk do it scared!. Read more>>