In our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Corbin Stacy | Owner & Operator

I think in order to achieve personal success in this lifetime, you must truly be willing to ‘risk it all’!! And by all, I mean ALL … Your time, your money, and maybe even your friends?! It is all completely on the table when you get down to it, don’t ya think?! People may not understand you, your vision, or your goals, so it will all feel like a huge risk if you listen to others! Do not do that!!!! If there is one thing I have learned over the years of Entrepreneurship, it is that you must trust yourself first and foremost to make it work … There is comfort there! If you do not trust yourself or the direction you are going, everything will feel risky!! When you trust yourself, the risk is minimized!!! Could you fail? Sure! But could you be a better person because of it? Absolutely!! Follow your heart as it pertains to your life and career … you are worth the risk!!! Read more>>

Roderick Chambers | Singer & Guitarists

I think risk is an extremely important way to become successful but its SUPER scary to take risks which is why most of us never realize our dreams. I myself and extremely afraid of taking risks but I have learned its one of the best ways to getting the things I want. I took a big risk moving to Souther California from South Florida 5 years ago and I can say the risk was worth it! I have been able to start my own business and I have been running it successfully all this time! Read more>>

Ashlee Hamon | Vibrant Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I love risk. I think being willing to take risks makes all the difference when starting your own business. It is even more important when that business is your art. I know that I have my willingness to try to thank for where I am today. When I first began my career seriously in 2012 I decided on not having a plan B. I went all in. While I was earning my BFA in Photography from UCF I tended bar. After graduating into the recession in ‘08 I ended up continuing to bar tend. I was feeling pretty miserable and lost so I decided to put my dreams onto a vision board and plot out which I should aim for first. In the mix was ski instructor, start my own photography studio, and backpack around the world. Since I was making a lot of cash and had very few expenses and no serious relationships I decided the order should be “travel, start the business wherever I ended up, and then in retirement be a cute ski bunny instructor.” Read more>>

Nikki Goldman | Executive Coach

I have a post-it note on my desk that says “you don’t get extraordinary results by doing ordinary things.” It’s an everyday reminder to me that greatness comes by taking risks and taking the road less traveled. It comes from choosing to do the hard thing and comes from sitting with discomfort. Risk-taking certainly doesn’t come naturally to me; it’s a muscle that I’ve had to build and maintain over time. I only really got comfortable with taking risks in my early-to-late twenties. I had this realization that what was holding me back was other people’s view of what I was doing. I was caught up in storylines of “what would they think?” “what would I tell everyone if I were to fail?”. It took throwing those stories out the window and realizing that it wasn’t so serious to start taking baby steps. Without taking risks, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Read more>>

Serene & Coco Salinas | Singers, Actors, Musicians & Composers

Taking Risks has been an essential part of our success and ability to break barriers. Breaking away from a 9-5 schedule is always shocking and scary at first, it is like a safe blanket; but if we never take risks we will never see the other side of the Horizon of What Could Be. When we began our career together in 2015 Serene would have never thought to quit her 9-5 job and go for her dreams full time, once she did it was a liberating experience. She went from working 9-5 to completely freelance contractor with a steady flow of income through Hotel Performances and Cruise line Contracts. Coco on the other hand has been a freelancer ALL his life, he is a master of taking risks and using it for his advancement; working on Soap Operas. Read more>>

Jennifer Green | Founder & CEO

I look at risk as a vast, open door for opportunity. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been encouraged to take risks. I think in society we fear risk because it involves putting ourselves out there, out of our comfort zone, with the chance that we get nothing in return. Starting Pop Queen was a big risk, and the launching of a frozen desert manufacturing business has so many complex and intricate parts that I was unaware of until I dove in. There are a lot of moving parts I had never considered, but I have never looked back. I left NYC, and moved to Miami with nothing but a risk in my pocket. Since then, my life has taken 1000 steps forward, I’ve learned so many extremely valuable things, and I feel fulfilled. We do events to get the name out locally and people have come up and said, “We only came to this event today because we saw you were going to be here! Read more>>

Julio Silva | Designer, Photographer & Content Creator

Sometime life still feels surreal when I go back on things. I’ve taken risks and put myself on the line a lot, leaving “stable” jobs, “easy” jobs, and every single time I’ve created a whole new set of opportunities for my future. It can be really scary but you also may unlock doors that you hadn’t even considered. I think as a creative person you always need to have an open mind so something truly great and unexpected doesn’t pass you by, that’s what’s gonna keep your mind creating new stuff all the time. Living new things, trying new things, experimenting new things. If you do nothing, then nothing will happen. Read more>

Catherine Hollingsworth | Acupuncturist

I take risks in my clinic every day, and I think the willingness to take risks is the thing that really makes my treatments effective. As an acupuncturist, I am trained with traditional theories and practices. To take a risk means to let go of the training wheels, or what the books say, and trust my impression of the person in the moment. I think this is the moment when an acupuncturist can deliver really powerful treatments, and truly step into their own personal gifts. Read more>>

Ricardo Trillos | Chocolate Maker

I strongly believe taking risk is part of life. Almost mandatory in order to move forward and never settle or fall in a comfort zone. I agree with the fact that if there is no risk there is no reward. At the end we only regret about the risk we didn’t take. Read more>>

Paloma Dueñas | Multidisciplinary Artist

Risk taking has had a huge role in my career. As a self employed multidisciplinary artist, I get pulled in many different directions all the time as I wear many different hats throughout my days. I had to take chances into becoming the kind of artist that I have become, because judgement of how much people can handle is a very personal opinion. We are all different and the beauty in that is, that what sounds great and accommodate me might be the complete opposite for you and that is OK. Taking risks and loosing, knowing that I can afford to do that, just because I wanted to explore that route and then celebrate my freedom to choose. Taking the risk of being an artist and allow yourself to be abundant, expressive and free and focus on what this lifestyle brings you without hearing the negative voices doubt you. Read more>>

Renata Rodrigues | Artist

I am a risk taker by nature and I believe it has helped me a lot in my life and career. I have travelled quite a bit on my own. By saying yes to opportunities as they present themselves, even when I am not as prepared as I could be, I have conditioned myself to be always ready for whatever comes at hand. I believe in the fake it till you make it attitude and holding myself accountable for my choices. Read more>>

Jason Weisberg | Money Manager Podcaster & Macro-Economic Forecaster

Risk is a very fluid component of ones life. An individuals risk tolerance varies throughout life and and is in large part dictated by their upbringing and unique experiences they are exposed to along the way. I was fortunate to grow up with an entrepreneurial father who is a fiscal conservative and a liberal academic mother. Their levels of appetite for risk contributed a great deal to my current appetite for risk. I have had many successes as well as my share of failures both professionally and personally that have also contributed to my levels of risk tolerance. Obviously we all try to learn from our mistakes and failures but I feel my risk tolerance has evolved from most of my life experiences and has lead to my current mental state regarding risk. Clearly I assess risk versus reward but I also prefer a longer term view when it comes to my risk decisions in business and my personal life. Read more>>

Ignacio Gana | Sculptor

I love risks, i love to think out of the box, each work of art that I develop is the opportunity to take one risk after another, without risks it is impossible to get out of the comfort zone, to take risks is believe in yourself, to move forward, to renew oneself, to be open to the movement of constant change the unknown is being open to being surprised. I can see around me, the constant, socially “acceptable” what works, what is already known to all, that never fails, like an artist we have to be so far from that, we are not here to give an answer, to wait for the approbation of the people, to please, more than that, we are here to make people ask themself, think again, open her eyes and make them dreams. I believe that the artist must go further, not seek complacency in the observer if or rather generate a questioning, leave a door open to imagination, leave the door open to fly and dream. Read more>>