We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Kristin Rizzuto | Dog groomer & mom

Dog Grooming is more than just knowing how to cut hair. It requires a lot of patience with animals and their human parents. We deal with upset and scared dogs often and spending the time to get them comfortable is even more important than making sure their fur/hair looks neat. Proper washing technique, nail trimming and even knowing how different shampoos will react with different types of fur/hair and skin, are all very important parts of the grooming process. Read more>>

Gregory Boan | Immigration & Business Attorney

Outsiders are most likely unaware of the fact that the U.S. economy benefits more from immigrants than what is portrayed on television. Immigration law is much more than the southern border and 90-Day Fiance. There are numerous small businesses that benefit from immigrant employees, thousands of immigrant entrepreneurs that start businesses and generate jobs for Americans, and immigrants pay more into the U.S. economy than what is actually taken out by them in government benefits. Read more>>

Tammy Pahel | VP of Spa & Wellness at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Outsiders think working is a Wellness Spa Isn’t stressful. They think I am getting massage, facials, body treatments, personal training, attending fitness classes daily, that I have my own integrative medicine doctor and nutritionist. Read more>>

Lucy Resumil | Owner/Founder

More and more we are aware of the importance of knowing what we put in our body and we are moving away from products that have a high content of chemicals and preservatives that are detrimental to our skin. I have developed a special formulation made with high quality natural ingredients and skin-loving oils that result in an exceptional soap bar. That, along with the attention to detail: unique scents, aesthetics and fine presentation make our soaps one of a kind, and most of all, we put the satisfaction of our customers as the top priority. All that combined is the secret behind the success of our brand. Read more>>

Selena Desinat | Event Producer

One of the best kept secrets about the industry is how you could leverage your career/business through your event strategy. Having a well-structured event sends a message to others that your operations are in order. How your event operates show’s structure. This also sets the standard of your expectations. If you are known to produce quality every time, people will be willing to pay for the peace of mind. The cherry on top to using your event as leverage is; how you structure your event can also equal more money in your pocket because, it could be written off on your taxes. So, it makes sense to host a lavish launch event. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools in this industry. Read more>>

Michaela Paladio | Singer-songwriter, musician, entertainer

The music industry has a romanticized, glamorous appeal- however, it is quite the contrary. This business is cutthroat. Artists are branded to sell a dream (to put it simply). Using social media platforms makes it all the more easier to appeal to the masses. Many of us work day jobs, night jobs, while simultaneously working in recording/production sessions, photo & video shoots, meetings, travel, itinerary development, brand building, networking, and much more. Becoming a music artist is a LIFESTYLE, it has no bounds. But if it means doing what you love, it’s worth more than anything. Read more>>