So many of the folks we work with have multidimensional stories. They often aren’t just working on a single project, business or mission – instead they are often involved in so many things all at once and so we often wonder about what they themselves hope their legacy will be about. We’ve shared some of their responses with you below.

Gail Gensler | Pro Aging Fitness Enthusiast & BDC Manager Automotive

I hope to be remembered as someone who inspired others to change their personal narrative about aging and to embrace a healthy lifestyle at any age. Specifically, I want to leave a legacy of positive influence on women of all generations-younger women to not “fear the years” and women 40 & beyond to keep being vibrant and healthy regardless of age. I want women to know that society should never determine how we dress, what activities we enjoy, and certainly what workout we do. If I have inspired and motivated women from leading by example then I have made my positive contribution to the world. That’s a legacy I’d be thrilled to leave behind. Read more>>

Samantha Vilbrun | Licensed Esthetician & Electrologist

I want my legacy to be that I was always there for people. Whether it’s my clients, family or friends. No matter who it is black, white, big or small that I was there for that particular person, and or helped them with whatever concern/problem they have. Read more>>

Nia Scott | Creator & Entrepreneur

I never thought about that seriously.  So many things come to mind when thinking about all the things that I want to accomplish in my lifetime. I’m only in my twenties and I want to impact anyone that comes my way. I want people to remember me as a go-getting entrepreneur that I didn’t allow fear to get in the way of making a way for myself. I want my work to influence others in a positive way, shed light on important topics, and create discussions that will continue for generations. The Nia Scott brand will be a household name!. Read more>>

Francesca Gerard | Health & Wellness Influencer

At a very young age, I knew early on that I wanted to influence people through teaching. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to teach, but I knew that I loved the idea of influencing people towards a path that serves their greater good. To continue my passion and commitment to public service, I studied Psychology. I became immensely interested in delivering mental health services to individuals in marginalized communities. My commitment to promoting wellness in marginalized and oppressed communities was demonstrated through my work as teacher in Title 1 schools that primarily served children with personality and/or mental health disorders from low-income families and as a Case Manager where I had the responsibility of connecting parents to resources that considerably improved the quality of their lives to be able to care for their children. Read more>>

Rosa Ore | Educator & Marketing Consultant

I want my legacy to be one of love, excellence, knowledge and success. My legacy is to leave women a foundation of knowledge and wisdom needed for them to become great leaders. My gift to the world is the freedom to be the best version of yourself. I want to be remembered as the woman that changed the world by transforming women’s lives. I have learned that when you change one woman’s life, you change generations. This is why, everything I do on a personal and professional level is intentional and directed towards helping female entrepreneurs reach their full potential. I also want to be remembered as a woman that loved life and that the abundant life that I lived was due to the love I had for helping women be set free to be themselves and achieve success. I want people to know that I used all my gifts and talents to empower and uplift others. My greatest hope is not only to impact my children and those around me in a positive way but to leave a mark in the world of love, beauty, honor, truth, and strength. Read more>>