We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Alicia Shapira | Master PMU

I’m Alicia Shapira the founder of New Image Beauty Bar. I am known for being the first in the US to offer Brazilian Stretch Mark and Scar Camouflage, Scar and Under Eye Lightening Treatment. I specialize in an FDA approved Vitamin Scar Lightening Treatment that I created and perfected through countless hours of researching my techniques. I am definitely proud of being able to offer my clients treatments that truly boost their self-esteem, for themselves! The path to my career was full of twists and turns. I actually started out as a full-time Speech Pathologist/Cognitive Trainer with two of my very own schools that I owned and operated. I enjoyed every minute with my patients at the time, but I just kept dreaming of a career change into the cosmetic industry. They say you can change your career at least 3 times in your life, the thought to have to go back to school and start over was very scary but also extremely exciting!. Read more>>

Beverly Kennedy | Massage Therapist FL LMT MA80253, Sound Healer, Energyworker

Hands down best choice I ever made in business, and my personal life, was to be all authentic and vulnerable as possible with my clientele and online audience. I asked myself, “what is my mission statement and am I living up to it?” This question and my continuously shifting answer propels the momentum of my business, bringing me into greater alignment and into genuine collaboration with other brands that mesh well. My perspective is always community based. How can I care for myself first, in order to best serve my community? Setting boundaries is so important. As well as foundations of personal health. If you are not well then you can not be at your best. Outside of myself, I consider each person that comes to my massage table as a divine occurrence. Something intangible led them to me and I take a deeply sacred vow to serve them to the best of my ability and make health recommendations foremost on their best interest, not my financials. Read more>>

Samia Minnicks | Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer and Photo Restoration Artist

Outside of working for myself, the single most important decision I’ve made that has contributed to my success is investing in education, workshops and conferences. In 2015, a photographer that I had been admiring for years started offering one-on-one workshops. At the time, the cost of the workshop was quite a hefty investment for me. I asked my parents to sponsor it, as a birthday gift. They agreed! Taking that course changed the trajectory of my photography and entrepreneurial career. 6 years later, I have made the cost of the workshop 1000 times over. I think a lot of times we are so apprehensive about spending a lot of money on something when you haven’t started to make a lot of money from your business yet. My parents definitely blessed me and gave me a gift that I see now, keeps giving. Don’t be afraid to invest (or get an investor) in your dreams. Before my parents gave me that money, they had seen me spend years, lots of money and a lot of time on a passion that I was committed to. I think they knew how committed I was to photography and they supported my dreams. Read more>>