We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Aurelio Rivera | Photographer/Creative

One piece of Conventional advice that i disagree with would be when people say “you need to go to school to be successful” Im not knocking education, I just believe in some applications its just not necessaary. I am a perfect example, everything I have done is self taught or from real world experiences. Somme Creativity just cant be taught. It lives inside of you. Read more>>

Mike James | Life Coach & Speaker

I completely disagree with the notion that nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream. There is plenty that comes to a sleeper, with one of the main things being rest. That is where your body, mind, and soul recovers from all the stress and strain you put it under on a daily basis. Read more>>

Derrick Brownie | Social Media Strategist

The phrase “say yes to everything”. I’m extremely selective about everything. A business woman once said “show me your closest friends and I will know exactly who you are.” This has stuck with me and I apply it to every aspect of my life. I’m a firm believer in gaining new experiences, but I always have a plan and rarely ever do something on a whim. Read more>>

Snifflez | Singer/ Songwriter

I’m not so sure I have received the most conventional advice, but I definitely have disagreed with some things. One thing in particular was everyone telling me I have to make people like me. I create art for me, myself, and I. People will naturally gravitate towards my art if it is for them. I will never be able to make everyone happy. I will go insane trying to make sure everyone likes me. Read more>>