We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Jenn Weeks | Comedian/Host/Actor

Comedy is serious business. It is WORK! The majority of stand up comedians don’t just get on stage and spout out whatever is in their head at the moment. While there is a time and place for that, comics actually have a set (jokes). We write. We edit. We perform the joke. We go back to the table and fine tune the joke. We work on our craft. The finished product takes time to perfect. Read more>>

Marina Elaine | Burlesque Performer & Pinup Model

Punctuality, preparedness, and professionalism are habits that I feel have helped me to succeed. Showing up on time, being prepared, and acting professional are what make people want to hire you and work with you! If you’re late, unprepared, or have a bad attitude, chances are you’ll miss out on future opportunities and/or lose relationships in the process. It’s crucial to represent yourself in the best light, meaning that you’re ready to go on time with a smile!. Read more>>

Joe Rosko | Owner of Broadway Fitness Brand, Built for the Stage

I think my background in sports had a lot to do with my business success. What it takes to be a successful athlete is very similar to what it takes to being a successful entrepreneur. I have an extreme willingness to endure hardships and make sacrifices so that ultimately I can reach a goal. I also think my view of people, especially successful people, has been very important for me. I have heard many stories of how successful people got to where they are today. More often times than not, the formula is usually the same. The bulk of the formula is being willing to act on ideas or commitments, not letting a lack of knowledge or skill keep you from figuring it out or asking for help, having a strong network, and continuing to “show up” so that you have more chances of luck being on your side. While listening to these countless stories, the biggest thing that rings true is that they are just people. Read more>>

Bella Misfit | Owner of Misfit Boutique

One major habit that I know that has helped me succeed thus far is persistence. Without being persist, I would have been given up on my goal of at least starting my own business. Read more>>

Anais Habbar | Vice President of DL SERVICES

I think the key to succeed is our mindset. Positive thinking attracts positive life. Perseverance, ambition, work. Don’t be afraid to dream BIG. Work with your heart. I always try to do things from love. Not for the love. People doing work with passion and love are usually happy in life and successful. Gratitude is also one of the key to succeed. Read more>>

Cusi Castillo | Artist

Believe in your self , have a routine, Use different materials and techniques as an experiment. Read more>>

Bruneley Lalanne | Florida Attorney, Fitness and Health enthusiast, and Lover of Makeup

The best habit in my opinion is waking up early and planning your day the night or the day before. Waking up early is a habit that I began when I was studying for the bar, almost 10 years ago and have kept this habit. It has proven to be important for my productivity as a person and an attorney. Waking up early is essential because it is the time of the day you are most productive. For instance, I get up between 4-5am in the morning. When I wake up, I meditate and repeat my affirmations, look at my “to do list” and begin my tasks on it. When you begin to work at that time, you are able to place all your attention on the matter at hand with no interruptions because most are sleeping. Read more>>