Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Alexis Collins | Baker & Business Owner

Finding a work/life balance has proven to be quite difficult. I spend so much time at work, that I barley have time when I’m home. By the time my day ends, all I want to do is sleep. With that being said, I’ve developed a system where work stays at work. I try not to respond to emails on my days off or when I get home. I prep all my images, and am trying out scheduling posts. I never was the kind of person to go out all of the time, but if I was, I’m sure I haven’t gotten to the point where I could handle it quite yet! The balance can definitely be better. It’s a work in progress. Read more>>

Bobbi Gonzalez | Designer & Illustrator

I never knew the importance of work life balance (and rest) until I had my daughter. Before, I would work, work, work and say yes to almost every function & event. It was an unhealthy cycle of overworking, forcing myself to accept social engagements I didn’t feel like I had time for and finally becoming so mentally and physically exhausted that I had no choice but to force myself to rest. That cycle happened over and over again. My thought was “if I just get A, B and C done, then I can rest and enjoy myself.” But of course, that never happens, so I never really rested. The beginning of the pandemic coincided with the beginning of my third trimester and I was basically forced to stay home, forced to rest. With social events out of the equation for me, I only had work and rest. Now I was finding I had more time to rest and do things for myself. After having my daughter was born in June of 2020, time became so precious. Read more>>

Daniella Romero | Content Strategist & Podcast Host

In the earlier years of my career, when I first started off, my main focus and only focus was work. I wanted nothing but to advance myself as quickly as I could and I spent the majority of my time dedicated to learning as much as I could and taking on as much work as possible. It became almost a running joke amongst friends that I always had my work phone and laptop on me even while on vacation. There was a certain hunger in me as well as a recognition that because I was fortunate enough to not have an active personal life whether it be a relationship or kids, all I really had to work on was….work. But after a few years of added life experience, I grew resentful of my career being the only thing that I thought defined me. I had some time to reflect and realized that balance is a good thing and that while I had a lot of pride in my work, I wasn’t saving lives and there was space to step back and enjoy myself a little more. Read more>>

Thanne Capobiango | Fashion Stylist

I believe that for all of us, achieving a balance between personal and professional life can seem almost impossible, the desire to grow professionally or the pressure to achieve professional goals can sometimes take a toll on us. The fact is that, regardless of the reason, failing to take care of the balance between personal and professional life can have negative consequences for one’s life. The important thing is to be aware of how you are feeling at each moment and make a realistic plan to balance all of your activities. Most likely you will need to work harder at times, while at others you will be able to finish earlier without worrying. I also make sure not to let this “reaching a balance” mantra become another source of anxiety and stress for my life. As much as we try, I think we will not be able to have total control over everything that happens in life, so I try to understand my boundaries so that I always find a balance between work and fun regardless of the activity. Read more>>

Jordan Pate | Plant Mom and Mental Health Therapist

Juggling the two-combined aspects of my life is truly a process. Maintaining my regular 9 to 5 of being a therapist and being a dedicated plant mom literally takes a lot of time management. Over time the balance has wavered but I think I have a hold on it now. It feels great creating content especially when you’re having fun and doing what you enjoy. The balance to me can’t be viewed as work. I create plant content out of joy so once it becomes a job I know I’ll lose the love for it, but I’ll never lose the love for my plant babies. Read more>>


The answer to this question has changed for me throughout my life as my business and life hit different stages. I started my business a few years before I got married and there was no real balance, I worked 24-7to startup my business and make ends meet so one day I could get married and support my soon to be family. Once my business started kicking off and I met my now wife, I realized I couldn’t do this alone and needed help so I could have a life outside of work. Therefore, I hired help and at this point my business was also in rhythm where I didn’t need to attend to it 24-7. However, after Covid hit and like every business my business took a hit and I needed to focus more. I needed to find ways to encourage people to buy a non-essential item. i.e. run promotions, offer giveaways, focus on social media. Read more>>

Jessica Phoenix | the Body Temple Love Coach, FIYAH® Culture & Wellness Curator, Dance & Fitness Instructor, MOVEment Healing Specialist, Artivist

My work life balance has changed drastically over time. If this interview was 7 years ago, it would be a very different story. Earlier in my career, I had no sense and no care for what a healthy work life balance could be. Earlier in my career training in Atlanta, performing on a national tour, living and working in New York City… I had been taught that ‘paying your dues’ was necessary, that ‘the struggle is real’ and that Artists and Creative talents must ‘Sacrifice’. I had come to understand that the ‘Sacrifice’ being asked of me was way more Work than Play, and don’t even think about Rest or your Wellbeing. This was something that I could never sit comfortably with. This early experience carried through later in my career and showed up many times. I’ve experienced many burnouts and unhealthy work patterns. After experiencing the last and most extreme burnout, I finally made the decision to commit a Wellness way of Life. Read more>>

Robert J. Ferrara | Whisk(e)y Brand Ambassador for Pernod Ricard USA

If 2020 has taught me anything it has taught me how important my work life balance is. It has given me time to reset per say. I went from over 100,000 miles in the air in 2019, being in a different city every week, eating and drinking out almost every night, to being stuck at home during a pandemic. I took this negative time to make something positive. I’ve forced myself to do what I’ve wanted to do for the longest time and work on both my physical and mental health. Instead of saying I’ll start it tomorrow and never doing it, I had nothing but time on my hands so I started it. I’ve already noticed hw much more energy I have and how much more productive and creative I’ve become. Read more>>

Shari Sanchez | The Keto Queen

During this past year I can definitely say there has been a drastic change in my work/life balance. The Keto Kitchen Miami acquired a storefront location during Covid. I decided to not only remodel the place but do a lot of the handy man work on my own. The remodeling of the new location and running the business was like having 2 full time jobs. Fast forward to our opening in mid- February and I can honestly say I have not had a day off since January. I have a goal and I am so focused right now that working 12-16 hour days doesn’t faze me right now. Sure I would love to live a little- but as of right now, I feel like I need to dedicate all the time I have to my “Baby”. Read more>>

Megan McCluer | Photographer

When I first started Feminine Forms, I was working two other jobs within the first two years. One career was at a large commercial company where I worked full time, and had a two hour commute daily. The second job was part-time, which I worked remotely. Then, on top of all of that, I was in the process of building Feminine Forms. I found myself consistently stressed, and I had little time for anybody or anything else. Fast forward a year later and I’ve quit both of the other jobs. I’m thankful for the cushion they gave me while I was building, but I’m grateful now to be able to live a more balanced life. I stick to a scheduled routine that helps me to tend to every area of my life daily, including work, intimate relationships, exercise, mental health, etc. Balance for me is what comes first, as it allows me to work more efficiently. Read more>>