Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Neela Asaadi | Lifestyle Designer & Holistic Health Coach

One constant that every single human being has is time, and we have the same amount of it. What we choose to do with it is our choice. The secret to any success story is moderation and living in harmony with yourself. If something doesn’t go as planned, learn from it, don’t judge it. If you indulge, enjoy it, and get back on track later! If you overworked yourself, give yourself a well-deserved rest. Read more>>

Jessica Mork | Mental Health Therapist & Reiki Practitioner

I have always struggled to maintain a healthy work life balance. I love my job and feel very passionate about it which, in the past, has lead me to accidentally neglect myself in order to work hard or serve others during their time of need. Over the years I became increasingly aware that the more I neglected myself the quicker I would burn out and have to restart at a new job and restart my career. It became incredibly disruptive and ultimately I would let down the people I served. Read more>>

Rose Bragg | Creator of Braggworthy Adventures Travel Youtube Channel

My life has catapulted from one side of that spectrum to the other and the stark contrasts have given me the perspective I never knew I needed. As the youngest of a family of successful adults who either married hardworking career men or have created their own career paths, I always felt behind. I craved the respect of being seen as an equal adult and not the pip squeak sibling, so I dove headfirst towards the “American Dream.” Straight out of college I sought the 9-5 job and a place to call home. However, I soon learned that one person’s dream can be another person’s nightmare. Read more>>

Andrea Gallo | Real Estate Agent

When I started my career, I worked an 8-5 in the corporate world. I dropped my son off early in the morning for school with him usually being one of the last kids to be picked up. I often missed afternoon school sporting events, doctor appointments and more. I eventually decided to leave my corporate job to become a Realtor. This would allow for me to create my own schedule with unlimited income possibilities and be present with my raising my children. Read more>>

Nicole Potts | Life Coach I Fashion Designer

My work life balance consist of a lot and has definitely changed over the past few years. I use to work non stop and rested whenever I got the change. As I became a Life Coach along with the experiences of my body crashing I realized how important it is to balance out your life. Being a mother of 3, a wife, having a day job and many other side businesses I wont lie it is hard and takes hard work to balance out everything. Having a planner and planning out my days with all my responsibilities has helped me a great deal of a lot. You have to decipher what is urgent from what is important when it comes to prioritizing. That is key. You also have to make time for yourself and to rest. Read more>>

Candace | Eyelash Extension Specialist

Work life balance. It has definitely changed over time!! I would say this is because of things calming down with the pandemic and the increase in clientele. I started my services during the pandemic and we still had many restrictions. The need for the services increased when things started to open back up and restrictions was lifted. Lash Extensions is an enhancement just like makeup, therefore when people started attending parties, clubs, restaurants, etc. , it became a high requested service. This also led to the increase in clients. Read more>>