We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Gloria Duque | Architect, Sculptor, Unicorn Fantastique, Master of Bad-Assery

I have always loved everything related to arts. Architecture, sculpture, dance, fashion, music, paintings, you name it! I grew up in a house of couturiers surrounded by beautiful fabrics, paper patterns and the very romantic melodies of Julio Iglesias. I can still remember my grandma’s clients rushing excitedly upstairs to try on their newly made dresses. Even as a very young girl I can recall how my grandma was able to bring joy to people with her art. I realized then, that it’s possible to generate happiness by designing beautiful objects & spaces. Who wouldn’t want to live in a more cheerful world? Read more>>

Carlo Camargo | Advertising consultant

The most important lesson my career has taught me is confidence is everything. Confidence has been the key factor in doing business as a freelancer because throughout my trade of services. I was doing my own studies and these studies were definitely challenging, more so than what school challenges you on in the curriculum. The very lesson in a nutshell is bring it and own it. Challenge the field with new ideas because you learn everyday. The confidence I have gained from my own research allowed the right momentum I needed to have a pre-programmed practice in advertising. Read more>>

Elizabeth Corbett | Passionate Cook, Gardener and Developer of Sustainable Cannabis Packaging & Supply Chain Solutions

I grew up in Portland Oregon. There are so many things about my upbringing that were special and shaped me: –I saw my grandfather almost everyday of my childhood until I went to college. What an amazing experience to have that touchpoint and guidance. –We had a half acre garden, although I had no idea we were being sustainable or doing the right thing, Participating in planting, natural fertilizer, weeding, watering, de-tassling corn, running through the rows, eating fresh picked cucumbers, making jam and pickles, and so on. I had no idea how lucky I was and have rediscovered making jam through the pandemic. Read more>>

Jess Lynch | CEO & Founder of Wishroute

I grew up around women who rejected the status quo as their only option. That has been hugely impactful in how I view the world and my own opportunities. My grandmother was the most read lifestyle columnist at the Boston Globe and when the newspaper changed author ownership rights, she quit in protest! She’s a passionate advocate for the environment and human rights and shows me on a daily basis it’s important to stand up for what you believe in. Read more>>

Monika Kreinberg | Owner/Founder of Furever Us

It might sound cliche to say that I am a world citizen. But, I do believe I truly am. Originally I was born in Germany and have moved to 7 different countries and three different states and have traveled worldwide since then. I speak English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian fluently and can defend myself in Portuguese. Read more>>

Sachay Lee | Co-owner of mobile gaming business

Hello everyone! Vhouse Mobile Gaming is a business owned and operated by 3 siblings from the South Florida area. The idea originated from, Dalton Vernon. He has 2 young boys that love to play video games. So, he thought why not make video games accessible to everyone, especially for parties and other social events. We thought it was an excellent idea! We bought the trailer a few weeks later and started the process from there. It was a very long process because we want everything to be detailed and look professional. Overall we are very pleased with the results and can’t wait for everyone to book a party with us! Read more>>

Bo Luke | Musician

I have always had a great imagination and I have always been passionate about the arts I have been a creative ever since I was a child. Family, friends, peers, and teachers noticed in it me before I did. I used to draw and write a lot, but at the end of high school I started focusing more on music because I felt that was the way to express myself Read more>>

Andreina Botifoll | Tattoo artist

One of the greatest lessons that my career has taught me is definitely, Perspective-taking The importance to see everything from different points of view in any situation of life helps us to better understand each other. When we can put ourselves into another’s shoes and really try to understand things from their perspective, we shift the way we see the world The same with the art, with each design, it’s all about perspective. Read more>>