Life gives us many opportunities to learn important lessons, but that’s the hard way.  The easier way is to learn from others and so we’ve been asking folks we admire to share their most important lessons learned with us.

Carolina Alay | Behavior Analyst & Autism Therapist

I have learned that good things take time to come. I used to be in a rush and at the beginning had very limited timelines, with time I understood that it’s not about how quickly you get to do something, instead is about how not to get lost and keep your north wherever life takes you. Read more>>

Laure and Laurie Saint-Far | Content Creator

The most important lesson we’ve learned along our journey is to be patient while putting in the work. Nothing great happens overnight. Read more>>

Fiorella Blanco | Restaurant Owner

Most definitely what I have learned the most on these last 13 years of operation has been never to give up on what you believe in, to stay the course and to be consistent with your offer. Downtown Miami was much different when we decided to open back in 2006, streets were barely lit, the city would empty after 6pm and few locals would dare to wonder at night with fear of the many homeless walking the streets. We saw a much different downtown. Read more>>