Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Bevan Makaka | Data Geek,Philanthropist, Serial Entrepreneur

Taking risks doesn’t mean succeeding every time, and that’s OK! Taking risks can lead to failure which in turn can help you grow as a person, but only way to truly get the life you want is by taking positive risks and planning a strategy for doing so. Negative risks are typically impulsive and emotionally driven, positive risks are calculated and well orchestrated.There are many benefits of taking career risks that many of us never take advantage of because comfort is such an easy net to get caught up in. The willingness to take risks was and is a important factor in my journey but to be honest on deciding which risk to take its never easy you might have to say no or yes to some opportunities. But in making risks concerning your career networking and good counsel is essential because choosing to find a mentor to help accelerate your career is one way of taking a positive risk. Read more>>

Paul Avila | DJ / Podcaster / Entrepreneur

How do I think about risk? Usually risk taking comes to my mind when I’ve hit a plateau in whatever career I’m in at that moment. (Currently I wear many hats i’m a chef, dj, music producer, audio engineer, podcast engineer, event coordinator, digital marketing manager, video editor, videographer, and a few other occupations fill this list lol) Whenever I feel like it’s time to take a risk, I try to think of as many outcomes as I can. Will the risks outweigh the benefits? sometimes risks can be the greatest part of life; once I quit djing to learn the ins and outs of restaurants and catering, completely risking my dj career but in the end it elevated it because I learned to incorporate food with djing and it took that risk to be able to succeed in that. Read more>>

Stacey E. Haught | Author

I have a knack for picking careers that involve risk with little reward. Career’s that involve a lot of personal investment, Careers that involve a lot of the word no, rejection and loss. In these Career’s be it in the Entertainment industry or in the Literary world the risk is a risk more of the heart, soul, and mind than of that risk that involves your bank account. Risk to me is evidence of trying something that might feel scary, or impossible. Risk is when someone is willing to give their dreams a chance. Read more>>

A Beck | Singer/Songwriter

“You don’t take a chance, you ain’t got a chance, you making a plan to lose” – Kevin Gates The way I look at risk is what are we doing at this moment what do we have to lose what could we potentially gain. In all honesty in the music industry its really all about taking risk. You really have to risk it all to level up multiple times. I have taken many risk betting on myself betting on features to pay betting on press , overall just spending money in hopes to get a return. I believe when you give everything into something whole heartedly you will be paid back in some way shape or form. You give to the universe you receive. Read more>>

Mark Small | Musician & Educator

As a musician who performs many different styles of music which largely incorporate improvisation, risk is constantly present on many levels. From a purely musical standpoint, improvising is creating new compositions on the spot in front of an audience. In a way, it’s like walking a tight rope. The rope may be familiar just like the musical elements that I use but the environment is different, the audience is different, the way that I interact with the band can send me to different places. The risk that you may not create a musically satisfying performance, or even that you do but the audience doesn’t agree, is present at every performance. It can be exhilarating in a way that performing the same written music night after night might not be for myself. If I zoom out a little, the risk of bringing a band on a tour where some audiences respond but others don’t is ever present. It’s a different world than knowing that if you just do your job, you’ll go back to work tomorrow at the same place. Read more>>

Iddo Markus | Artist & independent curator

Risk taking is part of creation, it’s also about the unknown and it comes with great uncertainty and the struggle of being an artist and the path of doing what one loves and being professional and passionate about it. Risks are part of my daily operation – bungee jumping into the studio without knowing what the day will bring. The Risk of being honest, in all circumstances, the risk of stumbling and falling, are all part of my life and the adventure all creators take in their journey and path of showing what they see and feel with great love and curiosity. As a multidisciplinary artist who moves between conceptual art to expressionism, risks are part of my Toolbox.  I feel that risks & limitations are the basis in a process of exploring new ideas or materials. Risk taking has always led me to new territories and beyond new boundaries – that’s the way I work and absorb life and most of my big understandings as a creator were high risks i took as part of being an extreme person who feels life is so Special, mysterious. Read more>>

Diana Garle | Actor, Teaching Artist, Social Media Manager

I think taking educated risks is one of the biggest keys to success in the entertainment business. This business is filled with rejections and more “no’s” than “yes” so being able to find ways to create opportunities and work for yourself is essential. It’s definitely been scary and vulnerable for me but I think it has given me a thicker skin to be able to feel confident in what I can bring to the table. Read more>>

Artrice Shepherd | Crisis Communications Strategist

I think about risk in the same way I think about wanting to help those who can’t help themselves. Even if I don’t have all of the answers, I can learn from what I don’t know that can help me later down the line. I take risks, because I don’t live with regrets. I take risks to push the limits and defy the odds of being a Black girl in a world not meant to protect or celebrate me. Read more>>