Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Alexandre Llobet | Portrait Photographer

I come from a very strong math and science background but art is my alter ego. I love paintings, sculpture, music. Ever since I can remember I loved taking pictures. I was about 3 years old when I got my first camera. As a teenager I dreamt of doing fashion shoots just like I saw in magazines but I never took the idea seriously. The first time I officially sold my photographs was for a promotion for a new Ralph Lauren collection of bed sheets in Bloomingdale’s, NYC. I was very excited about that. Read more>>

Kathleen Lee | Content Creator & Media Reporter

I think this is something I am meant to do right now. Growing up I’ve always loved the arts. I participated in a lot of school activities that further feed into my love. I went to college and started taking classes in drama. I found my voice and confidence while studying something I loved. I was very adamant about finding work after school. I started looking for internships early only and worked hard at finding and maintaining contacts outside of school. Read more>>

Aubrey Chandler | Photographer & Creative Director

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been drawn to the arts, to the theater, to creative writing,. I love the freedom of expression that comes with a creative career. And I also love the opportunity to create with other types of artists, working on the same project. Team work is the best, and the energy is exciting. Read more>>

Royce Reed | Art builder

From a young age I’ve always been drawn to colors, patterns, and an interest in creating/building visual things. With my particular style of artwork, I get to use tools of all kind, (electric saws, hammers, sanders, paint brushes, kilns. Etc) which has been my kind of therapy. I can’t go days in a row without creative outlet. I start to get anxious. So naturally I wanted to find a way to have my art make money. Nothing makes me happier than stepping into my studio. Read more>>

Eric Filson | Photographer

To inspire others with my work. Whether that inspiration leads them to pursue their own artistic endeavors, business ideas, or uplifts their mood I just want people to feel moved and want to be better when taking in my artwork. Read more>>

Katie Fox | Graphic Designer & Business Owner

I’ve always been creative since I was a kid, which I feel like is a pretty common answer for most creatives. It’s just one of those things where I didn’t outgrow wanting to draw and express myself in some sort of creative way. The creative classes were always my favorite in school; art classes, web design, sewing, computer graphics, anything that let me be creative I was always trying to do. Overall school wasn’t my favorite as I struggled with a lot of it, but the creative classes I always enjoyed and did well in. Being creative was the main thing I enjoyed the most growing up, Read more>>

Yvari Toussaint | Fashion Designer

I personally pursed a creative career in fashion design. I did this was because, no matter what career was presented to me throughout my years at school, nothing caught my attention. I’ve always wondered why there weren’t any creative options to become an artist or designer. This opened my eyes about my life and who I was destined to become. Every time I tried to imagine being a doctor or lawyer it sounded nice financially, but I genuinely knew it wasn’t my thing. Fashion has always been something that I was known for. Read more>>

Angel Cabrales | Multimedia Artist & Professor

I was originally a GeoChemistry major for my first two years of college. It was during my second year that I began to draw again and realized this is what made me the happiest. I knew it would not be an easy road and I may not make a lot of money from it but quality of life over quantity made more sense to me. Read more>>

Matt U Johnson | International recording artist & actor

I went after a creative career because I had the passion and drive for it since a very young age . And when you have that hunger to succeed in music and the arts it hard to deny . Read more>>