We asked the community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us. Check some of those out below.

Devarria Tillis | Entrepreneur

Yes, My favorite quote at this moment is “The key to whether you win or fail is in how we choose to soar” this quote simply translates to me as we are our only limit, You are only as successful and prosperous as your thoughts and our true emotions. You will never obtain your goals nor success with any fear or negative thoughts. Feed yourself positivity and soar high, Your success will always be at the end of that leap of faith/risk you’re scared to take! Read more>>

Nicole Garcia | Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Athletic Trainer

“My belief is stronger than your doubt” This is my constant reminder that adversity aids in growth not in failure. Over the years of learning my craft and working diligently at it everyday I have faced many obstacles and challenges that has made me better at all aspects of life not just running my physical therapy practice. As crazy as it may sound I have definitely learned a lot more through my failures in comparison to any of my successes. Any doubts that come through in my life whether it be my own or others just fuels my passion more and forces me to get out of my comfort zone. That quote has been my life motto and signifies to keep moving forward not matter what. Read more>>

Nanga B. | Creator of Sip Candle Co.

“Obstacles do not block the path. They are the path. ” – Zen Proverb Starting your own business is all about overcoming obstacles. This is one thing I didn’t realize when I decided to start my own business. They don’t stop – they just keep coming. Once I was getting ready for a craft market and noticed my candles had gotten too hot and melted! It was the night before the market and there was no way I could remake them all in time. I just wanted to quit the business right then and there. Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to keep moving forward, but this quote helps motivate me to keep moving forward. Read more>>

Jackie Batres | The Moon Listens

“You have so much light the plants grow towards you” is my all time favorite quote. I first read it on Tumblr back in 2015 and since then it’s been in my bio, it’s been my motto, it’s something that I write down when I’m feeling uncentered. In 2015 I lost my grandfather and while dealing with the heartbreak that brought, I also had to deal with a different kind as well. I felt like I was losing the parts of myself that I adored and then low and behold while browsing through the chaos that is Tumblr at 3AM on work night this just stood out. It was everything that I needed back then and a reminder today that I have accomplished more for myself than 21 year old me could have ever imagined. I can only hope that each time I share it someone else feels the same spark that I did, and still do. Read more>>

Toni Diamond-Bingham | Playwright/Business Owner

My saying is “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.” It simply means: Change tour views on negative situations and look at the positive in it and focus on that. The outcome will change. Even if it doesn’t focus on the lesson learned. Read more>>