Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Score Swayze | Artist, Director of Content

Definitely “man plans, God laughs”. It’s been a quote that’s been sitting with me in my life for about 4 years now and it’s been so poignant in my life, I changed my album cover to the quote. It came to me in an important shift in my life where I moved away from family and started living with friends. And it gave me a lot of freedom to do whatever I wanted in my life. But of course, it came with consequences that I wasn’t prepared for and my expectations of independent living. I honestly forgot where I even got the quote from, but it came to me one day and it shifted my perception in life in general. God has plans for all of us and our humanly expectations won’t interrupt them. Read more>>

Ivana De Armas | Artist

“Everything you can imagine is real.” Picasso Meaning that it is up to us, that reality is negotiable. It’s only depending on our standpoint and ability to imagine and dream. And the best part anyone can learn, it’s a practice. We need to remind ourselves that beauty is in the eye of the observer. If you think about it, everything, not just artwork, but everything manmade around us began just with imagination. Read more>>

Brandon Vee Burroughs | Music Artist

“Everything doesn’t happen to you it happens for you”. While this may be controversial to some; it has helped me move my mindset from “woe is me, terrible things are happening” to “what is the lesson in this? How can I gain something from this experience?” What I like most about it is, it allows you to see multiple perspectives within an occurrence or experience. I actually feel as though I’m in control of my reaction rather than allowing something else to control my emotions. Read more>>