Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Shantae arline | Makeup Artist

My favorite quote to myself is you can’t cheat the grind. What that means is you can’t put in half or no work in your business and it successful what you put in you will get out. I like it because on the days I get down on myself I’m reminded in that moment did you do all you could to make your business it could have been today or are you just sulking? Read more>>

Dionelle Rucker | Financial Consultant

“What we do in life, echoes in eternity” which is a quote from the movie Gladiator, is my favorite quote and something that I try to live by on a daily basis. To me, its means that whatever I do in life could have an impact that can’t be taken away. So I try to make sure that my actions are aligned with my goals so that I can achieve my purpose in life which I believe is helping as many people as I possibly can. Read more>>

Isabella Johnston | CEO, Founder, The Intern Whisperer

Think like an Olympian! This is an affirmation I tell myself and share with people on my team and when asked to be a speaker. I plan on writing a full article about this topic and sharing on LinkedIn. The word “try” is not in the vocabulary. Olympians don’t say I will try to do this. Basically there are three key verbs in my thinking. I think, I believe, and I know. Which one does an Olympian tell themselves over and over. I think I can, I believe I can, OR I KNOW I CAN. The use of all caps is a big clue. Read more>>