If not giving up was always the right answer life would be so easy. History shows us that sometimes quitters prosper and sometimes they miss out. Knowing when to quit and when to keep going is one of the most difficult questions and so we asked folks we admire to tell us how they think through this question.

Maryann Rivera-Dannert | Life Reset Strategist

There have been other business ventures that I’ve, after careful consideration, closed down. I think I was born with an entrepreneur spirit because I’ve taken the leap on numerous things. I think the key point is asking yourself – why? Why did you start the business? Why do you want to give up? What will life look like in [give yourself a time frame], if I give up or continue? It’s important to weigh all the pros and cons of both options: keep going or give up. If one’s “why”, as to why we started our business is clear, more often than not, we will not give up. Additionally, it’s important to discuss our feelings and thoughts with a mentor – someone that necessarily does not have a vested financial interest in whatever the outcome is. Maybe what needs to happen is to take a break to reflect, regroup and restart. That’s is what happened with my life coaching business. Things were not going how I envisioned, and I knew my calling, so I knew closing the business was not an option. I took a break, thought long and hard about my “why”, got clearer and pressed on. Read more>>

Brandon Royaltii | Fashion Model & Actor

I think you should never give up personally. You know when to keep going when the hard work that you put in starts to pay off , different opportunities start coming up . You find yourself getting recognized and around people in the same field as you or on a higher level . The only thing that would make someone give up is themself . If you have the drive and passion to do something you love then nothing should stop you from achieving your goals . A good support system is good as well because it comes in handy when those times of feeling discouraged or overwhelmed are at a high . But to know when to give up is not a option you should never give up because any day could be your day and if you give up you’ll never know when your time will come because you didn’t stick around to find out. Read more>>

Tracey Phipps | Inspirational Singer, Fashion Expert & Non-Profit Owner of Time for TEA

We all have dreams, but not everyone believes that those dreams can come to reality. I believe my dreams are glimpses of what the future holds for me, and I treat them like potential chapters of my life story. The first step is always the hardest, and that’s just simply believing. If you arent convinced that your dreams can come true, then it will be nearly impossible to convince others. However, life has a beautiful way of surrounding us with people who will encourage us and pull the best out of us. Once you’ve made up in your mind that you can achieve that this, the next step is to “violently” chase it. Yes, “Violently Chase After Your Dreams”. That’s my quote in life because for me it is a matter in life and in death. Even after I leave I expect the things I leave behind to continue on. I’ve learned that a sign to know whether I should keep going is by looking at the fruit of my labor and seeing if there is authentic and organic growth. You shouldn’t have to force anything. Read more>>

Micah Drum | Writer, Artist, Story Teller

It’s difficult, especially when it feels like nobody is listening, or as if my creativity isn’t having an impact. However, I know that what I do is an outlet for me. It gives me purpose. Knowing that any given day I can become better than I was the day before, that’s what helps push me forward. I just want to know how much further I can go. Read more>>

Monica Berg | Author, International Speaker, Change Junkie

I knew a man once, a good, salt-of-the-Earth man, who never balked at back-breaking labor. So, naturally, I laughed when I overheard him tell his son that “nothing worth doing is hard.” We eventually figured out, all three of us together, that he meant when something is overwhelming and has you bloodied and sweating and on your knees from exhaustion, sometimes it still feels right. Sometimes, that can feel like the kind of torture you were made for. The tricky thing is, that can also be the way the universe is telling you that you’re being stubborn, inflexible, and way too focused on the how instead of the why. Like most people in my generation, I had a Def Leppard phase, and you could write a whole Kabbalistic textbook on Rick Allen. He was a stellar drummer who lost his arm in a car accident. But I believe he didn’t come back to become iconic on a kit because he focused on the whether or the how. Read more>>

Brianna Mcgregor | Owner of Her Cheveux

First, lets start off by saying starting and having a business isn’t easy. It isn’t for the weak minded. You have to find another type of strength and motivation most days to continue to push through. Often times when things aren’t going as expected, of course I want to give up and throw the towel in (probably like most people). Some days I’m ready to shut it all down and walk away because I’m like “what else can go wrong now”. But, I give myself a day to be sad and take in the disappointment, and the next day I’m recharged and ready to asses the situation and go back to the drawing board to create a new plan. So, for me, I would say my reason that keeps me going would be my customers. Of course you start a business because you want to put yourself in a better financial situation in the long run, but what I will say is 80% of me starting my business was to bring confidence back to women who may have lacked it or thought they didn’t have it. Read more>>