We asked folks to tell us about their favorite quote or affirmation and to tell us what it means to them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

PinkBastard ArtShop | Contemporary Embroidery ArtShop

We Create Our Destiny By being aware Of Our Surroundings Perhaps it refers to living in the moment-which is where the magic occurs if we are conscious. Makings plans works for many folks but in small businesses as ours it’s important to See and take The opportunities As they occur which happens when we Trust our instincts, nurture and engage with those who could bring us Positive input and generally being conscious of How the environment that which we immerse ourselves in will effect our decisions. Read more>>

Jeannine McQueen | Handbag Designer

You are enough. That’s one of my favorite affirmations because a lot of times you have to remind yourself that you are doing the best that you can. You have to recognize the negative self talk and nip it before it continues. Everybody works at their own pace. Just believe in yourself, remain focused, set goals and tackle them. But don’t ever for a minute think that you are less than because you may not be where you want to be as yet. Read more>>

Sarah Giller Nelson | Professional Organizer & Founder

The expression “Less is more” has had a profound influence on my two chosen careers. Before becoming a professional organizer, I spent 15 years as an art historian and museum curator. During those years i had the pleasure of spending my days writing, reading, and teaching about the artists and architects whose insights defined art in the 20th century. One of my favorites was Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, the German architect whose insistence that “less is more” radically broke with an ornamental tradition to transform our notions of how we live and work in the modern world. When it came time for my own transformation from a curator to a professional organizer, from an employee at a non-profit to a small business owner, I found myself using the phrase again. The career change was a bit fraught. Read more>>