Entrepreneurs often have so many ideas – way more than they can execute on their own. So, we asked some of the brightest folks we know a few questions. Do you have a business idea that you are too busy to execute on, but that you think is really interesting? What can you share with our audience? Why do you think it would work, how would you start, scale, etc? Below, you’ll find our discussion with Andy Contreras.

Andy Contreras | Photographer & Event Photo Booth Creator

For many years now I’ve searched for workspaces specifically for event creatives. Although there are some out there, they don’t necessarily solve the issues that we encounter. Two of those issues, in my experience is space & community. Most creatives in the event industry have more equipment than they can store in their homes resulting in renting our storages. The limitations with this is the logistics of accessing these items while still being in a work environment. My idea is to create a co-working space where creatives have access to their desk space, as well as storage facility with easy access. Expanding on that idea, seeing how these are all creatives is offering special pricing for sharing your talents with others in the space. For example, a photographer can receive a certain percentage off their monthly rental when they shoot headshots for another creative. That creative will then need to pay it forward by providing their services to someone else. Thus creating an opportunity for collaboration and growth.

About me: I’m a portrait photographer and owner of Photo Booth Boutique. We specialize in custom photo booth rentals for exclusive events.