Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Andrea Nguyen | Actor/Model & Interior Design

The thought process to starting my own business was; making myself happy and challenging the status quo of traditional beauty. It is in the eye of the beholder! When we remember this; we begin to use our advantages and platforms to bring others into our lives and on our journeys. Read more>>

Alexandra Tabry | Small Business Owner & Teacher

So before I actually started my company, I ordered a bunch of cleaned oyster shells off Etsy to make a gift for my sister. I had 74 shells left over and decided to hop on Pinterest and get some ideas and inspiration. I began decoupaging and handpainting shells as gifts for friends, and when I got amazing feedback, a lightbulb went off–start your own small biz! Thus Nauti by Nature Design was born. After that batch of shells was all used up, I started asking for to-go boxes for the oysters I ate at restaurants. Read more>>

Ricardo Quiroz | Baker & Publicist

First of all it was my need to reinvent myself. Before I have my business I felt the desire to start something on my own. I worked for a company who has many restaurants in México, but I didn’t feel complete. The actual Pandemic arrived and all that restaurants had to close, so I lost my job and my world came down. At that moment I thought on create my own future and I spent my time improving my skills. Therefore I started my MBA on business, reading more about my Mexican culture and in some point that lead to the mexican bakery path. Read more>>

Shawn William | Film Creator & CEO of Top Floor Films

The initial intent behind purchasing a camera was to produce content for a music artist I was promoting at the time — but things didn’t pan out as intending. Starting a film production company was never part of the plan but after months of collecting dust, I decided to pick it back up. I began recording lifestyle recaps and vlogs and once I got the hang of it, I tried something new and shot my first music video. It was a lot of fun but since it was my first music video — it didn’t come out so good lol but I fell in love with the process. It didn’t take much longer after that where I started to go all in, investing more time and money into my passion. Read more>>

Calvin Hernandez | Photographer

To be honest, I never intended on starting a business. I was in art classes throughout high school and loved sketching and drawing (me and painting never got along) so I’ve always loved art in one form or another. After college, finding the time to sit down for a few hours at a time and just draw was difficult so I moved away from the artistic calling that kept gnawing at me like Light at the edge of the Sea called for Moana (I guess you can tell I have little girls) Read more>>

Sid Stratton | Musician/Entrepreneur

The thought process behind starting my own business with my wife, was that we wanted to combine our passion for live hard rock and heavy metal music with the art of burlesque. By mixing the best of both our worlds, we saw an opportunity to elevate our crafts while bringing something truly special and unique that crosses over into both of our fanbases. Read more>>

Samantha Santos | Acupuncturist

Deciding to start my own business seemed to me as a leap of faith. Leaving the comfort of my current career and steady income was a little frightening. But the idea of owning and growing my own practice excited me. Envisioning its potential and imaging these unlimited opportunities I can create for myself convinced me to take the risk. I knew it was the ultimate way to allow myself to follow my dreams and fulfill my passion of healing. Starting my own business was a scary decision and nerve racking starting from scratch but I knew that it would all be worth it and give me the freedom to expand and reach my full potential. Read more>>

Michelle Azout | Art Advisor

I have never been an entrepreneur – far from it; in fact, I have spent most of my career working in very large museums and institutions who have robust infrastructure and resources. However, upon moving to Miami during the pandemic, people started to approach me to see if I could help them find art for their homes. People were spending more time than ever in their spaces, and wanted to incorporate more art into their lives. I noticed there was an opportunity to be a matchmaker of sorts: I could use my expertise and knowledge about art and my relationships with emerging artists and galleries in order to recommend beautiful (and meaningful) works of art to clients. This was the impetus of my business. Read more>>

Melissa Perry | Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant and Lead Sleep Instructor

Like most businesses, I started The Cradle Coach and The Cradle Coach Academy purely from a need I had experienced having my first baby. Nothing came close to preparing me for the birth of my first child. It was by far the hardest challenge I had faced thus far in my life. I was exhausted mainly due to the lack of sleep and that’s putting it lightly. The string of sleepless nights and exhausting days left me feeling anxious, irritable, and unsure about my ability to be a good mother. Read more>>

Kai Peasley | Portrait and Wedding Photographer

I wanted to start my own photography business so that I could branch out creatively and craft a photography studio that aligns with my personal style. I had previously been an associate photographer for several studios and was ready to create something of my own! Read more>>

Alicia Colon | Owner & CEO of Sage Cleaning

The idea behind Sage Cleaning was always is bigger than just making money. I wanted a place that would create jobs that provide an ethical livable wage & opportunities for others. A place to allow us to teach our team strong personal development skills and financial literacy. A platform to make an impact within our local community through charity partnerships. But most importantly my greatest why in my entire life will be creating a foundation for my family to grow & prosper. Read more>>

kayan Fernandes | Manager of OTW Studios

During the Pandemic, mostly everyone was in a mandatory lockdown. Being that no one could leave their house, I thought of an On-Demand service that could be provided to a client. I myself have been recording professionally for over 6 years, with two singles out on ALL platforms (OfficialKayan). Since I’ve always had music as a passion and profession for over 6 years, I decided to invest my last funds in a Cargo Trailer. Read more>>

Francine Sweet | Cosmetic Innovator

My thought process behind starting my business is that I was tired of buying cosmetics that stated that is was long lasting and in fact it was not long lasting at all. So I decide to create a long lasting vegan cosmetics for the world to enjoy Read more>>