Our community is comprised of entrepreneurs and artists and creatives – folks who have chosen incredibly difficult professional paths that often don’t offer any safety nets or guarantees. Nonetheless, we regularly hear that being a parent is a far greater challenge and so we asked some of these folks to open up to us about the things they’ve done as parents that they feel will have a meaningful and positive impact on their child.

Derek Douglas | Mural Artist & Specialty Coffee Shop Owner

In 2019, I walked away from my career of many years which required me to be on a computer for 10-12 hours a day. I took the plunge and escaped comfort and security to put myself in the uncomfortable situation of being a career artist. It wasn’t easy at first, but the necessity to make art a career, motivated me to never stop creating. Read more>>

Marcie Ziv | Artist/YouTube Personality

I worked full time operating my art gallery and studio pursuing my career as an artist. I wanted my boys to see their parents working and enjoying their professions and following their passion. We always told the children to find something they love to do in life and figure out how. to make money..then its not really work. How do you find your passion one asks? Well, I believe that by trying different things out see what you like and don’t like. Read more>>

Janelle Shimshi | Owner, The Tailored Tent

When my daughter was born, I said to myself, first and foremost; I want to raise a good human. I am very proud that with the help of my husband, we have raised a kind and compassionate person. Beyond that, we have made it a priority to consistently expose her to all aspects of our entrepreneurial ideas and passions. When she was young, we traveled the world, as my husband pursued his passion. We spent many evenings backstage at his performances, where she would see other artist and performers, living out their passions and fulfilling their dreams. Read more>>