Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Maicol Osorio | Headshot, Branding, and Portrait Photographer – Confidence and Expression Coach

At first, I started using photography as a creative outlet since my IT work had become unchallenging and mundane. I wanted to bring a bit of creativity into my life. Then I saw Ryan’s Parker work and was inspired by his work. Read more>>

Joaquín Stacey-Calle | Artist

My family is filled with creative people; my dad draws beautifully, my mom creates incredible flower decorations, my grampa is a musician and draws too, my brother is an amazing pianist, my sister is a great singer, I have an uncle who is a painter, and much more, yet, no one pursued art as a career. Read more>>

Savanah Miranda | Hairstylist

as a cosmetologist i love too make people happy, seeing a person’s whole emotional and mental state change by making themself look different or taking the time to take care if there imagen it’s always a wonderful experience to see someone be there true self through the art of hair. Read more>>

Nightingale Ngo | Musician & Piano and Voice Teacher

Quite simply, it is because God created me as a musician and I am so grateful. Music knows no boundaries and brings camaraderie and peace. Being a musician has given me opportunities to bring lift people’s spirits, bring them calmness, and joy. Read more>>

Alisa Glow | Makeup artist

Art and creativity have always been a part of my life. The art is that type of industry where I can express myself without boundaries and think outside the box. I’m enjoying meeting new people and collaborating with them. Read more>>

Jonathan Brooks | Photographer & Visual Artist

I pursued an artistic or creative career because everything I was ever drawn to was artistic or creative, or I would find a way to add artistry and creativity to anything that wasn’t. I was always smitten by drawing, painting, photography, fashion, music, dance, acting, … anything considered having to do with the creative arts. Read more>>


I think my interest in an artistic career appeals to me because it lets me offload all my volatile energy that I’m itching to get out. Career might not be the best word as I’m not really concerned with making a living off of it, but regardless of where I’m at in life I will always have some abominable mish-mash to pour myself out into. Read more>>

Germaine Clarke | Music Producer/Song Writer

I was always curious about how instruments and melodies came together and created the most electric art form. Read more>>