Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Adrienne Jenkins Hunt | Personal Development/Business Consultant, Associate Pastor

I think I’ve always been around people with an entrepreneurial spirit. I remember my grandfather built a little store right in front of his house. As I got older I recognized that in my conversations with people they would have some really good small business or side-hustles but would be missing that one things that could really help them thrive. As I began to pitch them ideas, I became the go-to person in my circle when people had business related questions. I recognized an opportunity and created Hunt’s Business Solutions. It’s my effort to help entrepreneurs solve common business challenges. Read more>>

Phillip Gonzalez | President & Chief Vintage Motorcycle Restorer

I have always had a passion for vintage motorcycles. I love to restore them to their original form and glory. Living in South Florida, I saw a need for a good, reputable vintage motorcycle restoration business. I used to do my restorations in my home and during the pandemic I decided to expand the business. I wanted to incorporate services which in the past I had to outsource. One of these services is vapor blasting which restores old original parts and engines to a better than original finish. I could not find anyone else in South Florida that provided vapor blasting services and the cost of shipping the heavy motorcycle parts to get them vapor blasted was astronomical. Now I found this niche and ran with it, providing vapor blasting services to the automotive, boating and motorcycle industries. Read more>>

Jen Dryer Parent Coach/Advocate for Parents of Neurodiverse Children

The idea for my business, which has evolved quite a bit from when I started it, came from my experience raising a young autistic son and all the myriad challenges I had to navigate. My husband and I got a great deal of help and guidance from is aunt, who is an early intervention specialist. When I witnessed the truly transformational impact of early intervention on my son, I wanted to share what I had learned with others and to use my background in education and coaching to help parents of neurodiverse children navigate getting the supports their child needed and create the structures to allow their child to thrive. Read more>>