Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Nichole Walz | Chiropractor/Co-Owner at On-The Go Wellness Chiropractic, Founder: Brickell Women

Brickell Women was born out of a longing for friendships and connections in our community. At the point before launching, I had lived in Brickell, Miami for three years and had very few friends and I was truly longing for connection. It is SO difficult to meet like-minded women…I mean you’re not just going to walk up to another female after a cycle class or at the happy hour and say “want to be my friend?” So, after participating in another “for-profit” women’s group, I decided to create my own where women can meet other like-minded women, without paying for a membership, etc. Read more>>

Sue-Ellen Anderson-Haynes | Founder & CEO of 360Girls&Women© Women’s Health Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Diabetes (CDCES) & Fitness Expert (NASM-WFSCPT)

360Girls&Women® : Having my daughter brought my business idea to life. I just knew there had to be girls and women out there who were in need of the knowledge and tools I possess to help them become a healthier version of themselves so that they can transfer generational wealth, aka, health to their daughters. Prevention of diseases/illnesses that are very common to women is one of our cornerstones but management of disease to slow progression or just achieving optimal health is also a focus. As a credentialed and licensed healthcare professional I possess the skills to accomplish real results for girls and women and I am grateful I have been able to do this. Read more>>

Carolyn Collins | Self Love Coach and REALTOR

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over six years. When I first began this journey, I got into the beauty industry. I opened up an Eyelash Extension Studio named Indulge Yourself Beauty Bar that not only allowed me to help women enhance their beauty, but it allowed me to train women to start their beauty business. I never knew what I wanted to do as a career because I always worked in corporate America. However, once I opened my business and started interacting with people daily, I realized my passion was helping people. I came across so many different individuals daily that would share their personal stories with me in hopes of comfort. I always could attract people into my life seeking advice. My business was the perfect place for that. My passion in the beauty industry came from helping women who needed to unwind and found my place of business as their outlet to let go. Read more>>

Mateo Villaquiran | The Streets Company CEO

My dad from a young age really enjoyed cars and the car scene all together. Back then car meets were about hanging out around people who shared the same love for cars but recently this has changed. As I began taking an interest in cars and working on my own car I also started to go out to some car meets with the hopes of hanging out around people with similar interests and seeing some dope cars. However, I quickly realized that this was not the case since nowadays car meets typically result in “take overs” which is when people gather in spots to do donuts or drift until police arrive. Read more>>

Daniel Calvelli | Freelance Sports Creative & College Student

I came up with the idea for my business by being so well known at my high school for doing what I do that I decided to just finally go all in and make a brand for myself and that I could get myself out there even more. After doing it for all of high school and now being a freshman in college I can say that it has gone pretty well and I hope to continue this brand beyond my education years. Read more>>

Sofia and Carolina Muller | Co-Founders of Aerowork Miami – Co-warehousing & e-Commerce Fulfillment

Working in the logistics and supply chain industry amid the pandemic we began to realize the shift in the world and the need for adopting new processes in a fast-changing economy. we realized we had to adapt to what businesses were needing and in our case, we realized it had to do with fulfilling orders daily for e-commerce businesses. The project arose and we began to get into e-commerce. We began selling on Amazon but were soon surprised with the shipping fees and low ranking of our products. Therefore, we had no other choice but to opt for Amazon’s fulfillment service: FBA. Amazon tends to be tricky and maintains most of the clients’ information and does not allow small businesses to create their client base. The fees only add up and took away almost 90% of our earnings. We were trapped in Amazon’s maze. Read more>>

Anwin Mbah | Business Wealth Strategist

Working with Investments Banks mainly Private banks that deal only with high net-worth individuals I noticed that: 1. They were ALL business owners 2. They strategies they were putting in place, in their businesses/life around money had nothing to do with how ,much money they made or were worth This inspired me to start Wealthfluency healing businesswomen turn their income generating businesses into a wealth building assets because from what I see and do in investment banks it was matter of knowledge and strategy transfer. Read more>>

Adam Sessa | Owner of The Haus Lounge

I always wanted a space where LGBTQIA+ folk could enjoy and gather for all different types of events and gatherings. Something that catered to all hours of the day and to all types of enjoyment. Read more>>

Noemi Berrios-Amaro | Tax Accountant

I came up with idea for my business because I wanted to create a brand where I can provide “SOLUTIONS” for my clients. I love to treat my clients like family and make them feel not only comfortable but worry free knowing they are in good hands. I always try my best to help them because we all know taxes are stressful. I came up with the word “SOLUTIONS” in naming my company because I try my best to find solutions for my clients. I love what I do even when it becomes challenging because it is rewarding at the same time. I have a passion to teach my clients to be organized and keep detailed records for themselves. For some of my clients, life can be really challenging, and my hope is to bring them towards greater peace, happiness, and fulfillment with their business. Read more>>

Ashley & Tiffany Houston | Food Content Creators

The Hungry Houstons came to fruition because of our love for food! Ever since we were kids, Tiffany and I have always had a fascination for different cuisines, appreciate the cooking process, and truly enjoy the dining experience. How taste and creation of different foods or meals intrigue us, so you’ll see that we like to showcase the dope food, drinks, and snacks that we experience! Read more>>