Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Brett Chiavari | Owner

While working as Assistant Food and Beverage Manager at a country club in Orlando, I got my first taste of fish tacos, and completely fell in love! That was the first spark that led to the creation of BC Tacos. I started to play around with different recipes, and different things that I would want to eat in tacos, and it just completely snowballed. Led to me cooking tacos for friends and family, making different salsas and eating at different taco spots for inspiration. From the initial spark, it was two and half years later where I knew that I was ready to pursue this dream of mine. So one day I woke up, quit my job in Orlando and moved down to South Florida (where I was initially from, Coral Springs to be exact) to open up a gourmet taco truck, and BC Tacos was born. Read more>>

Edlene Julien | Educator, Encourager, Founder & CEO

I felt like I was stuck in a cage. I think many Caribbean families can relate. I wasn’t treated badly as a child, I just didn’t have the opportunity to cultivate my interests/gifts. At a young age, I realized I was multi-talented. My elementary school teacher handed me a magnet application because he noticed my gift in art. I sang, danced and always wanted to act and model. But in Caribbean households, those weren’t considered the typical careers; stability was always the goal… a college degree was the aim. So, I went to college. There, I studied education and later became a teacher. It was a great experience because I discovered one of my passions. I recognized my innate ability to take complex concepts and deliver them in simplistic ways. While I thoroughly enjoyed teaching, I always felt like there was more. Read more>>

Sandy Viteri | Video Podcast Strategist

One day I woke up with the idea that I wanted to launch a podcast, but for some reason, I was wrestling (in my head) with the idea of doing just audio. I knew that people like consuming content in different ways (some people like listening to content, some people enjoy more reading, others are more visual (they like images or videos). So, after working for nearly two decades with major enterprise and software development companies, and following a highly successful career as a Vice President of Global Marketing for a $350M media measurement and analytics company, I knew that going with Podcast/Audio only I was going to leave a big piece of the multi-platform audience engagement out of the equation. That is when I started to do non-stop research about combining the power of Video and Podcasting to help people expand their reach and grow their audience. Read more>>