We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Keith Thompson | Sports trainer and Owner of Flex Speed Performance

As an athlete, I understand how a properly trained player can have the upper hand on the field. With this in mind I have a vision to give potential or current grade school athletes the opportunity to learn and fine tune skill sets that will increase their chances of success on the field. My business does not intend to replace current trainings they may be receiving but give a more individual touch for specific target areas. Since I was 19, I have been working with grade school children and adolescents in summer camps and other affiliated programs. What always stood out for me is their love for sports but lack of specific skills to take them to the next level. So I told myself, I can teach them all these skill sets, and make it my business commitment to try matching their passion for the game with their potential skill sets. Read more>>

Tori Gottlieb | Boutique Owner

I decided to start my business about a year after the birth of my youngest son, Shea. I had always worked in fashion but decided to leave the workforce right before my eldest son, Jackson, was born. We relocated our family from Long Island, New York to Miami Beach, Florida and I started to look for a job. None of the positions I applied for seemed to work out but I wasn’t discouraged. I took that as a sign that it was time for my “maybe I’ll start my own business someday” idea to become a reality. My vision was clear, I was passionate about children’s clothing and more specifically I was super passionate about matching family outfits. Read more>>

Mel Judson | Founder of Mel Judson Creative

Before starting my business I worked for 10 years as a Creative Director in the Entertainment Industry in Los Angeles. I worked very long 12-15 hour days, for many years with little pay and lots of stress. When I was 29, I finally worked my way up to my dream job with the fancy title, salary and all the perks. I thought that I had “made it” but when I started the new position, I was miserable. It was even more stressful than before, I quickly spent my entire salary increase on paying people to do things for me like cook and clean just so that I could work more. As I was approaching 30 I couldn’t imagine doing this for the rest of my life. Read more>>

David Zuniga | Proud Florida Man, Dog Lover

I asked myself a single question while fishing with my dog on the beach. “Why can’t I combine the things I love, and use them to try and do some good?” I’d dehydrated treats for my dogs as a hobby, believing there is a brilliance in simplicity. No preservatives, no additives, just the meat. No need for marketing/packaging games. It was June 2020, I had just relocated back to Palm Beach County from the Keys where my two bartending jobs (at resorts) had been eliminated due to COVID. I’d fed my dog raw for a while, mostly fish because it was so easy to get. Read more>>

Judit Juhasz | Manager/Owner

Being on the Ketogenic Diet for more than a year, and losing 40 pounds, and many other health benefits, I realized, there is no such store, where someone could shop in one place everything needed. So I came up with the idea, to help people being on the specific diet, such as Ketogenic, Low Carb, Gluten free or even Diabetes, to find many great products in our store. Read more>>

Patrick Wilson | Online Fitness Coach & Crypto/Real Estate Investor

There were three MAIN reasons/things that happened that made me realize I need to start my own business & work for myself.. First, for some context, before starting my own business, I worked for a small Financial Planning company (yes, completely different from my current business/passion in the fitness space). There were three main things that stuck out to me: 1) Every day when I was driving into work, I was extremely anxious. You know how people get the “Sunday Scaries” about going back to work on Monday? I had the every day scares. Read more>>

Aglaya Shadrina | Piano Instructor & Owner of Happy Piano Lessons School

* When I decided to start my own business, I wanted to become a teacher and mentor who will help people explore the universe of music with confidence. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my students attaining their goals in music and beyond. The experience of learning music can be truly transformative. For my older students, it especially brings me joy to see their faces lighten up when they realize that whatever they have been told before about “the luck of talent” and other excuses should not stand in their way to becoming a musician. Read more>>

Jason & Annmarie Valdez | Owner Operators

Our own business was always an idea happening in the background. We met working in a restaurant and each brought a lot of varied experience and a love for what is a very challenging business. Above all, we shared a common focus on service, hospitality and hard work. Eventually, circumstances provided us an opportunity to take a breather – which is very rare in this business – and a moment to evaluate where we were and where we wanted to go. We were fortunate to have a good understanding of the business model, and we capitalized on that knowledge, and our balanced strengths in front & back of house roles. It was a quick, easy decision to go out on our own. Read more>>

Jackie Michel | Founder & Designer

I started working on my plans for Bare Reverie after a year of marriage and not seeing lingerie on the market that fit my aesthetic. I wanted pieces that were feminine, comfortable, and airy, but most of what I saw wasn’t my style. After years of working in the apparel industry as a Technical Designer, I decided to take on side work as a seamstress and made a small line sewing custom lace pieces for friends. The side business started growing and so did my passion when working on it, so I figured it was the time to go for it. Today I design sustainable lingerie and loungewear, teach women to sew, offer alterations, and help other creative entrepreneurs with their design needs. Read more>>

Krystel Murillo | Fashion Designer & Illustrator

I decided to start my business because design is my true passion and I enjoy things that come to life and have an actual function. It’s beyond just pretty clothes and accessories. It’s the actual process of imagining, thinking, planning and delivering a final product to consumers. Something that they will cherry and appreciate, because of the amount of time that it goes into actually producing wearable designs. Read more>>

Sherlette Lewis | Massage Therapist & Skin Care Expert

When I was in high school I used to sell candy to my classmates as a way of making extra cash. When I had my first sale it was a great feeling to know I made money on my own! Thats when I knew I wanted to start my own business. A business that my customers and myself would benefit from. I started Rainforest Beauty Care while I was in massage school. I paired skin care and massages together because they go hand it hand. I would be able to provide relaxation and help reduce common muscle pain while helping those improve the look and feel of their skin naturally through organic skin care products. Two businesses in one that will always be in demand. It was the best business choice I could ever make. Read more>>

Trey Douyon | Content Creator & Social Media Strategist

Growing up, I always had an entrepreneurs mentality, I was always looking for ways to make money from selling lemonade to burning disks to sell to classmates. I thrived off of being able to be creative on my own terms, make my own rules, and build my own dream. In reality, my version of a successful career always started with using my own talents and knowledge to serve other people. In 2020, when the pandemic hit I had just graduated from college with a major in Digital Media Production. Although I had been already accepted for an internship with the NFL, because of the immediate stoppage of all actives and uncertain future, there was no need for my internship position. Read more>>

NaTashiaq Hatchett | Certified Life Coaching, Business Coaching.

I started my own business to have financial wealth and to create a legacy for my son. Over the years I realized that working a normal 9 to 5 cannot give me the financial wealth and freedom that I want to to be a parent and expose my sons to the world. Read more>>