TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Added Color | Brazilian/American Rock Band with a message of empowerment and individuality

For Added Color, we define our success by the ways our music can impact others. Ideally, our music would be reaching as many people as possible, and playing huge shows is a big part of that side of success…but that’s not the only way we’d define it. As an independent band, we feel successful already that we get to tour both nationally and internationally, and most importantly, when we see and get to talk to the fans at our shows. Hearing about how our music, or a particular lyric, has helped someone in a dark place, or made them feel less alone in this world is the ultimate sign of success. Our music covers a lot of emotional space, and goes to some dark places…places we’ve all personally been, so to know that sharing those experiences and emotions through our music can help others is truly a dream come true. Read more>>

Amelia and Cristina León | Co-Owners if No Nut Vegan Sweets

I think success means being happy with what you do, no matter what anyone else says. If you are proud of your relationships, your work, your life I think that is success because you are owning what you do. Success isn’t always making a million dollars, getting married, or winning awards. Everyone’s journey is different so success can mean a lot of things to everyone. Even small positive impacts on your or other people’s life can be a success because you’re striving to improve something step by step. Success is a journey, not a singular moment, and you’ll know when you experience it when you feel it. Read more>>

Simon Benegas | Musician, Artist and Co-Founder and CEO of Nómade

I think success is being able to do something constructive you love and being able to grow with it over time. Objectives and ambitions change so, although normally one would say success is being able to achieve the goals one set out to achieve, those also change as we grow. So part of it I guess is being able to live in the present and allowing oneself to be aware of the growth and the changes while they are taking place. Read more>>