Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Julian Arana | Fitness Studio Owner & Trainer

Authenticity. My brother and I designed our business to reflect our unique qualities and skills. This created a culture that’s unlike that of any other fitness studio—and our members can feel it. Read more>>

Van Oakes | Entrepreneur & International Speaker

My people skills. hear me out. coming from a very lower middle class family of 9, money was never something we had. money for sports, money for nice clothes, money for absolutely everything but the bare minimums. I learned from the time i was very young that i needed to learn to make friends with the kids who had all the cool things, and the popular things. Making friends never came natural to me. it was something that i actually had to study. Read more>>

Magda Loureiro | Licensed Title Agent and Managing Director at Sun Life Title, LLC

When you enter entrepreneurship with authenticity and passion for success and strive to make a difference through your brand, you can’t be defeated. My team and I really have a passion for real estate and for helping families obtain the American Dream of homeownership, and that in itself is rewarding. Our passion is noticed in the real estate industry and really does draw the right kind of partnerships and clients, that trust us and want to grow together with us at Sun Life Title. This passion helps our team persevere, even when it gets difficult, and it really helps us stand out from the rest. Read more>>

Sean Perry | Violinist & Fiddler

My parents have definitely been the most important factor behind my success. They’ve supported me throughout my entire time as a student, and continue to provide support through aid with marketing, booking, and financial support. Read more>>

Adan Alejandro & Christian Benjamin Diaz | entrepreneurs, nightlife entertainment, club and restaurant owners

As in all companies, one of the most important factors is trust between the partners, thanks to God who has given us the opportunity to work hand in hand together as brothers, we have always understood each other very well and that has been one of the major keys of our success since we can go through any problem with good communication. Beyond that the receptivity and affection that people have given us and our team has been incomparable, Read more>>

Ramya Ramachandran | Ramya R| Interior Designer & Creative Boss

Being curious and challenged. No is not an option for me and I push myself until I can find a way to meet my goals. I am always looking for opportunities to be a better designer and I constantly learning from my mistakes. I believe in being humble and kind and always being grateful for all my relationships, personal or professional. I love the phase, “treat others, the way you would like to be treated” Read more>>

Portia Canion | Founder of Leading Ladies With A Purpose

The most important Factor behind the success of my organization Leading Ladies With A Purpose would have to be making character being authentic. If I can change one life for the better, if I could make an impact on one teenage young lady I have fulfilled a purpose . If I can share with them one experience , one decision that can help them grow that I have been through and what I would’ve done different and how they can make better decisions I have done my job . Read more>>

Ryan Buynak | Host, Nervous Pugilist

Being silly. Our friend, the great comedian Tom Rhodes said “Remember how valuable silliness is in your life,” and we could not have said it better ourselves. Being silly is the goal of Bothering the Band, the podcast, and us as humans! Read more>>

Courtney Weber | Lifestyle Blogger

Staying authentic to who I am and only writing about I enjoy is the most important factor to the success of my brand. There have been many times when I sit down to write, and the topic I am writing about just doesn’t resonate with me, so I change it. Every post I publish comes naturally. Read more>>

Tierney Jones | Makeup Artist

One of the biggest factors behind my business is honestly perseverance. Starting this business has showed me soo much and it’s not easy. There are days and sometimes weeks where I don’t feel good enough, I don’t feel as if I’m progressing as I should etc. My way of combating those nasty thoughts are honestly praying and working even harder. Doing makeup is soo much more to me than just a hobby. I eat, sleep, and poop makeup lol. I constantly remind myself to be grateful for where I am currently instead of being upset that I’m not where I want or feel I deserve to be. Read more>>