Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Anna Marie Magnan | Creative Director, Designer & Owner

Many outsiders are unaware of the harmful impact fashion can have on the environment, especially fast fashion. Fashion is the 2nd largest polluter in the world, right after the oil industry. Fast fashion retailers with excess inventory and fabrics and are just dumping them with no thought to the negative impact it has on our world. Clothing has become inexpensive, ever-changing and thus disposable to the consumer. Landfills worldwide are overflowing with these synthetic, non-biodegradable fabrics. Disposal is only one aspect of the global impact that the fashion industry has on the world – there is water pollution, gas emission, unethical labor, etc. but I wont get into all of that! At Ola Moon, we believe in quality over quantity. Read more>>

Sarahi Diaz | Actress, On Set Acting Coach, Host & Emmy Award Winning Writer

One thing outsiders may be unaware of is that my industry of “tv and film” has not stopped because of Covid. It has slowed down a little, but it has not stopped. For example when you think about the millions of people who are currently binging on Netflix, all of those episodes will all be seen and there will be a huge need for new seasons. Networks will need to continue coming out with new material to fill the viewers’ demands. So as they say “The show must go on.” Read more>>

Daniela Moreno | Content Creator

I feel like anyone who doesn’t work on social media, doesn’t understand the background work to everything being showcased in an account. The content creation process is long, from idea to execution and I feel like people assume it’s a lot easier than it actually is. Read more>>

Dr. Olivia Schläpfer Colmer | Marriage and Family Therapist

As a couples therapists, clients frequently ask me if I am married and have children. The assumption is often that as a couples therapist I don’t have the same issues they are coming to therapy for. Many times I normalize this reality by telling my clients that I can relate to most things they bring into therapy, and that my marriage is not perfect either. In fact, a perfect marriage does not exist. I tell my clients.. “a dysfunctional family is a family with more than one person in it.” I find this to be true when it comes to humans, relationships and families. I tell my clients I fight with my spouse, we have parenting differences, and there are highs and lows depending on what is happening in our lives and environment. It is normal to ebb and flow in how partners connect and disconnect. Read more>>