We’ve been fortunate to connect with so many brilliant, thoughtful entrepreneurs and creatives and we regularly ask them about the most important lessons they’ve learned over the course of their careers. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Victoria Barrientos | Makeup Artist-Beauty blogger-Content Creator

The biggest and most important lesson my business and career has taught me is hard work. I used to believe that people with successful businesses were just lucky, but no, I’ve learnt that without hard work good things will never come your way and if I want to have a successful business and career I have to put time, effort , and lots of love into it, because if I don’t , who will?. Read more>>

Robert Almeida | Illustrator & Art Show Host

When I first started to share my artwork, it was to help myself. Therapy through art. Then the pressure of social media and likes had me overthinking every piece I made, to the point where I stopped sharing anything at all for 3 years. I wanted every post to be the best it could be to gain that validation from my audience. It’s impossible to please everyone. Your art could very well look amazing to one person and not do anything special for another. As creatives, we will always find some sort of flaw or imperfection. The viewer will never notice. Now that I’ve stopped waiting to share my work, I’ve found more of my own voice in each piece, I’ve been able to make connections with the people who like my work, and I’ve been able to grow as an artist. If I would’ve continued to wait for the perfect time, I would have never made my first sale. Accept your imperfections, because 80% done is better than 0% done. Read more>>

Nyame Nti Nsibienakou-Fawohodie | Creative Director/Founder

The to be grateful for the process and to not forget why I created the organization in the first place. Read more>>

 Jaalen Jones | Professional Fitness Coach

Understanding how to adapt when major changes occur in the industry and taking advantage of the opportunities that’re presented during the chaos has been one of my most valuable lessons learned thus far. Read more>>

Iris Lemus – Ensenat | Fitness Instructor, Program Creator & Manager at NBN Studios

The most important lesson I have learned in my career and business is not to be afraid to fail. There really is no such thing as failing when you try. In fact, FAIL means First Attempt In Learning; so I feel like during these last four years I have had a lot of first attempts and learned how to make the ideas a successful one. Another great lesson I learned is to surround yourself with people who challenge you and those that believe in you. With those people around FAILure is NEVER an option. Read more>>

Melanie Johanson | Museum Director and Curator of Contemporary Art, Cornell Art Museum, Delray Beach

My curatorial career has taught me to go see art, as much as you can, everywhere. If there’s a show you want to see, go see it! Don’t wait for the time to be convenient. I try not to let exhibitions pass without getting in to see them. I’ll drive hours away to see artwork that I want to see in person. The pandemic has made it even more clear that seeing art in person is a valuable part of the human experience. When museums opened again, I went as soon as I could! Also, on this topic, I began making sure that while attending any type of art exhibition or show, I document the artist names so that I can keep a record for future exhibitions. If an artwork inspires me, I make sure to remember it, and hopefully can bring that artist to the Cornell Art Museum in Delray Beach!. Read more>>

KRISTEN STEWART | CEO of Ladies in Pursuit Inc, Pharmacy Consultant, Life Coach+ Mentor and PharmD in Progress

The most important lesson I would have to say is…”Pour into your purpose, not into people.” You have to be relentless in your vision and sometimes people, their thoughts/opinions or ideals can be a distraction, It’s so important to not lose focus of the goal and to always remain business minded and not personal. Trivial matters don’t belong in business! By employing this frame of thought I have been able to procure an extensive network and that directly builds netWORTH. Read more>>