Making friends as an adult can be HARD.  Some people are exceptionally good at making friends regardless of the stage of life they are at, but for most people we’ve spoken with making friends a few years out of school can be pretty tough, especially if you have recently moved to a new city.  Check out some interesting perspectives below.

Savannah Ackles | Photographer

As someone who is diagnosed with Aspergers, forming friendships in adulthood I would say has been a huge challenge for me, but I have learned a lot along the way. One of the easiest ways to form a friendship is to just go out of your bubble and enjoy the moment. Whether it be coworkers or someone you happen to meet somewhere. You don’t have to do anything major either. Read more>>

Lawnette Lucille | Wardrobe Stylist & Image Consultant

Let’s be honest, making friends as an adult can be a bit awkward at times… you pick a complete stranger and say “hey, I’m adding you to my life” lol. The key to successful adult friendships is surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals. This mindset plays an integral role in being a business owner. If your circle is full of fellow entrepreneurs and creatives, you have an endless source of knowledge and inspiration to tap into. I’m blessed to say that the success of my company is certainly a reflection of the friend groups that I’m a part of. Read more>>

Patricia Beltran | Fine Artist

I understand friendship in adulthood is different from when we are younger. When we are adults our values and responsibilities change, the way we see things are different; we are more critical, and life gets busier. I considered myself as an outgoing person, and I have had the chance to meet several people thought social events and group activities and through my art classes since I am always participating in art activities in the community. Read more>>