We had the good fortune of connecting with Patricia Beltran and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Patricia , do you have any interesting experiences or advice related to making friends as an adult?
I understand friendship in adulthood is different from when we are younger. When we are adults our values and responsibilities change, the way we see things are different; we are more critical, and life gets busier. I considered myself as an outgoing person, and I have had the chance to meet several people thought social events and group activities and through my art classes since I am always participating in art activities in the community. I have developed a great friendship with some people who I met on those events and with my students. ‘Friendship’ has a valuable mean in my life and in my career as a fine art instructor. If someone is looking for ways to make new friends, I really recommend participating in group activities and social events in the community, it is a good form to find friends and start beautiful friendships. You could start by looking for groups with same interests as you, groups where people have a connection with you, for example if you like music join a group of musicians in your area, join a workout group or participate on communities’ events, visit art exhibitions and community events. You will find several opportunities in your area to find new friends. I have experienced several situations where students came to my art workshops and art events not only to learn, but also, for the opportunity to meet new friends and perhaps to start a beautiful friendship. Art always connected me with new friends, and it gave me the opportunity to find beautiful friendship. I believe that everyone deserves to have friends, and the most important point in a friendship as an adulthood phase of our lives is to remember your real friends are not always the ones who have the same option as you or even the same personality, but also the ones that complements you in certain way. And, my final advice is, always be yourself because ‘truly’ friendships are the ones which your friends accept your differences.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
Art has always been a big part of my life. My artworks are a reflection my surroundings, and also, influences from some periods of my life. I have noticed some transition phases from my previous art pieces to my most recent ones. I used to paint realistic oil paintings on my early ages, then I started transitioning to impressionism which helped me define my own style using palette knife techniques. It took me years to realize that my artworks are an interpretation of my life, they are my story, and also, who I am today. My paintings are my form of communication, which is translated on my painting’s through vivid colors, heavy strokes, lots of movements and different textures which symbolizes, happiness, positive thoughts and the different periods of my life. I express myself through my art and one of my visions and hallmark is helping my clients envision living with art in a meaningful way, that is, to enable them to enjoy each piece of art for something that has both personal meaning for them and that is intrinsic to their surroundings. Life have not always been perfect for me. I have had challenge days, but art is my world where I can scape and recharge my power. Even though, I always tell my friends and some other fellow artists that I cannot create when I am going through some tough times. I am wondering if it is because I have chosen to only express happiness and positive messages on my art.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If you have a friend visiting town, what are some spots you could take them to?
My favorite place to go are the beaches, and definatly they will be on my itinerary. I would take my friend to Dania beach and Hollywood beach since I live close by . Another area that I love to spend some time is Bayside area in Miami. I would enjoy spending some time there with my friend, listening some live music, shopping and walking around. There are several restaurants that I frequently visit in that area, one of them is Pollos & Jarras. Another place I would take my friend is to some parks and museums in Miami. Another day I would take my friend to the mall and to have dinner in a Brazilian restaurant, one of my favorites in my area is Texas de Brazil. And off course, we would go to some of my art exhibits together.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
A very special thanks to my parents Eustaquio T. Amaral and Marta E. Moura Amaral for helping me discover my talent for art and giving me the opportunity to learn and improve my art skills. To my husband Hector Beltran, who supports me in everything I do; and to a very especial person in my life, my son Paulo A. Beltran who taught me how to see art in a whole different way. Paulo is my biggest inspiration and motivation. Thanks to my fine arts mentor Heraldo Alvim for been the foundation of my art career. Thanks to all my family, friends and students who always have been great supporters on my life and career.

Website: www.pbeltranart.com
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