We had the good fortune of connecting with Lid’ya C. Moore and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Lid’ya C., how do you think about risk?
Risk taking is not as complicated as it seems. Yes when we hear the term “risk”, it can seem a bit frightening for we tend to immediately associate risk taking with fear of unknown outcomes, however, I tend to associate risk taking with unknown possibilities of great opportunities and growth. As I have learned that yes, there is an unknown possibility of what may come of taking risk, yet the thought of knowing that not trusting or believing in myself enough that I can successfully conquer any great opportunity and if my attempt should fail, then it simply allows me to grow from the experience.

In my life, I initially feared taking risk due to my fear of the unknown or what may waiting behind the door. I would think I was not worthy enough or strong enough, nonetheless, as life had began to pass me by along with missed opportunities, I then decided to no longer be afraid of my future and the endless possibilities and opportunities that would potentially lead to an enhanced quality of life. I decided to employ my highest level of confidence and resiliency and just went for it ALL!

Of course there were lessons learned with every risk taken, whether good or bad, however, risk taking ignited a greater purpose and strength in me that forced me in to believing I could do and conquer all things, all while growing in the process. I then realized, if I was bold enough to take risk in my life, I could be just as bold in my career and gratefully, it was the best decision I had ever made. Risk taking in my career has afforded me opportunities I could have never even imagined.

Coming from poverty and facing many traumas and challenges because I was born with a rare skin condition known as Vitiligo to becoming an active duty service member, filmmaker, inspirational speaker, published author, Certified Confidence Coach, Vitiligo advocate and model. All of this because I made the conscious decision to take the greatest leap of faith that in turned allowed me to become the greatest version of myself!

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
As a filmmaker, writer and author, I enjoy this part of my being so very much. This is the part of me where I get to experience so much freedom and liberation. I have such a vivid, colorful mind and being able to explore it just beautiful. I honestly never thought that film or writing was really a gift or talent of mine until a few years ago when I decided to take pieces of my life story and put it on paper and then television. The vision that would play so often in mind pushed me to write a full feature film script titles “Beauty Marks” and that was the moment I knew writing and film was a long-lost love I never knew I had.

I had never attended film school, however, I was just so determined to create this project that I learned how to write, produce, direct, etc. all on my own. Currently, “Beauty Marks” is a trailer and I’m praying to one day make it a feature film for all the world to see. Breaking out into the world of film as a minority hasn’t been easy, yet it has been well worth it. I simply continue to remind myself of why I want to create phenomenal stories and that keeps me going. My “why” is what won’t allow me to quit for if I quit, I not only quit on myself and my dreams, but I quit on those assigned to my voice and there hope needed.

A few lessons that I’m grateful to have learned along the way is to believe in yourself wholeheartedly and never doubt your ability. Initially, I had some self-doubt that unfortunately caused me to miss out on great opportunities, however, after learning that lesson, I have a new gained sense of understanding of just how important it is to believe in oneself even when others don’t.

I want the world to know that no matter what circumstances you are faced with, despite the naysayers and regardless of how difficult something may seem, just know that you were born to create and be great! If you have the vision and determination, you also have the control to bring it to fruition! Never allow you or anyone to stop you from your destiny, enhancing your quality of life and doing what makes YOU happy.

I want people to know that my brand is everything that promotes self-love all things positive and pure! I am a motivator, encourager, and simply a person that loves to see others excel and successfully thrive in their lives. I utilize my brand to promote self-love, hope, and inspiration through film and books. It is my purpose to ensure I do my part in making sure those that hear my voice, that it signals an alarm for others within to not only be the greatest version of themselves but to also live confidently and courageously on purpose–with purpose.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
My best-friend is in town–well, let’s go and enjoy this thing called LIFE–freely! I’d first take my best-friend to enjoy a nice brunch downtown. For some reason, I’ve realized that some of the best food is located downtown. After a nice egg benedict, turkey sausage and grits–salt, no sugar, we’d then head over to do some SHOPPING! You can’t come in town and not shop for some new items to add to your wardrobe. Perhaps, we would then check out a nice art museum for some amusement. We’d then visit the beach and enjoy the nice Florida sunshine as we bask in the sun and enjoy the peaceful environment as we listen to the beautiful ocean waves. Afterwards, what’s a vacation without some excitement, so we’d then enjoy a nice lounge to just relax and catch up with one another.

Being that I am a person who lives freely, I wouldn’t have much plan as I like to explore and just go with the flow. Wherever we end up, whether fine dining over a nice juicy tomahawk steak or parasailing for the first time, I am willing to take risk and have fun, I just hope my best-friend is as well.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
This is a great question. There have been many wonderful mentors in my life that have supported me throughout my endeavors and I am forever grateful for each and every one of them, however, I’d have to give total and full credit to my faith in God and the motivation of my children.

As a teen mother, I had no clue about life and certainly no idea about how to properly provide for the life of another, however, just as in life, we live and we learn, that notion applies in motherhood. My children allowed me to see that I had a greater purpose on earth and I had to carry out that purpose to show them that they too could achieve anything they so choose, despite unfortunate circumstance faced in our lives. I feared failure not just for myself, but my children as well for I dreaded the thought of failing them. They have truly motivated and encouraged me to never give up and to become the best version of myself. Shoutout to my kiddos!

My faith in God was and still remains the main reason I can acclaim myself to being successful. My strength and courage was provided to me from the provider. Without my faith in God, I would still be a lost individual, seeking my purpose and trying to make sense of life’s meaning. Simply put, I would be nothing with God and I recognize that fully. HUGE Shoutout to the man upstairs for elevating and blessing me abundantly!

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